Madrid Guide

by Charley Mothers
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Madrid is one of the most exciting cultural cities in Europe, attracting over 6 million visitors each year. The city is abundant with traditional museums, art galleries, luxurious palaces and theatres, lavish designer boutiques, and beautiful gardens. Known for its fast-paced lifestyle and only slowing down for a siesta, Madrid offers many cultural experiences from tasting traditional Spanish tapas to strolling through its stunning green parks. With a rich and varied historical past, the city is home to many beautiful landmarks including The Valley of the Fallen, the Victory Arch, and the Royal Palace of Madrid.

Dating back to around 1000BC, Madrid has stood in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula as the capital of Spain since 1562.  After several conquests and dictatorships including Fran-cisco Franco's “coup d'etat”, it now stands as a thrilling city with a revival of artistic and cultural activities. All 21 districts in Madrid are alive with music and passion, encouraging visitors to experience a true cultural feast.

Architecture in Madrid successfully combines historical buildings with modern business institutions - you can visibly see old merging with new. A unique look at Spain’s history can be found in the many architectural monuments in Madrid’s centre, especially the luxurious Palacio Real, the Real Basilica de San Francisco el Grande, and the stunning Church of Saint Anton’s.

As Europe’s top destination for art enthusiasts, museums and galleries are an integral part of Spanish culture, and Madrid is brimming with places to visit. From spectacular impressionist art at the Museo de Sorollo to the largest collection of famed Spanish paintings and sculptures at the Museo del Prado, there is a wealth of fascinating exhibitions to cater to your tastes.

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