Beijing Guide

by Julius Pasteiner
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Beijing is a rich and diverse city which operates as the centre of political, economic, cultural and educational activity in China. Being one of the four ancient capitals of China and the current capital of The People’s Republic of China, Beijing is awash with beautiful landmarks, attracting tourists from every corner of the globe.

Visit the ancient Forbidden City, the vast Tiananmen Square, elegant Temple of Heaven (Tiantan) and the iconic Summer Palace - relax in its picturesque gardens and parks.

The city is renowned for its constant regeneration and offers an unsurpassed wealth of attractions, both old and new. It is also worth noting that last month the city of Beijing hosted the Olympic Games, putting the destination firmly on the world map.

The archetectual landscape of Beijing is diverse. The Hutongs -  Beijing's ancient alleyways - is where you can find traditional Beijing architecture. Dating back about one thousand years, these neighbourhoods of narrow, twisting streets represent the “real life” of Beijing, where passageways connect to courtyards of traditional compact homes. Pedicab tours of the Hutongs are popular tourist attractions. There are also towering skyscrapers around the Beijing Central Business District, alongside busy shopping malls, a growing number of high-rise flats and an endless stream of traffic.

Beijing is a burgeoning city of culture. As well as the museums and temples that draw the big crowds, there are the theatres showing Peking Opera and the Dashanzi Art District which is flourishing with creative talent.

Not to be missed in June is the Dragon Boat Festival - a growing sport and spectator event. The day’s celebration, pits boats carved into dragons against each other as they race to the beat of a drum in a gruelling charge to the finish line.

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