The best OJ in the world

by Marley Webster
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In the heart of the Moroccan city of Marrakesh lies a market… Inside this market it is rumoured there are to be found oranges so obscenely ripe and melodramatically sweet that grown adults have been known to weep at the mere sight of the fruit. That market’s name is Jemaa El Fna, and it is home to the best orange juice in the world.

Morocco holds a great wealth of cultural delights to revel in, and Jemaa El Fna is the perfect place to start. As the day begins you will find stalls selling the local produce where ever you look. And it’s here that you must take the time to try Marrakesh orange juice. There is no lack of entertainment either, as attractions and sights chop and change throughout the day, from snake charmers and story tellers to playful Barbary apes and magicians. By nightfall the bustle of the square finds its peak, as all comers join together to dance the night away while partaking in seemingly never ending food stalls that provide the culinary best morocco has to offer.

With engaging and ever changing attractions and entertainment throughout the day, as well as being surrounded by a myriad of bustling souks and bazaars. Jamaa El Fna is the ideal start to the Marrakesh experience.

Stay at the stunning La Sultana Marrakech and explore this gorgeous city in luxury.

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