Gourmet Holiday in Grenada

by Andrew Phillips
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Our desire for good food has become as natural as our need to breathe. Food is able to tap into our emotions, and illustrate our roots and cultures, and it is because of this rather than merely being a necessity that food is now something we revel over. Our search for flavour takes us all around the world, discovering recipes and cooking that make a holiday as memorable as seeing a spectacular landmark. A gourmet holiday in Grenada is able to offer you just this and much more.


Known as the spice isle of the Caribbean, Grenada is home to a variety of flavours, famously for its spicy dishes, exotic fruits and fresh sea food. Even the simplest dishes are transformed into a masterpiece with a touch of seasoning from one of many of its natural resources. The country plays host to numerous large-scale and local eateries making it perfect for a leading gastronomy getaway in the Caribbean, and the beauty of the island creates the perfect setting.


Dining at the local establishments is a must during your visit to Grenada. The country is full of family-owned restaurants, each with their own unique recipes for local dishes making each dining experience different from the last.


Take a trip to Grenada’s capital, St. George, and experience a magnificent world of gastronomy. Located by the harbour with beautiful views of the landscape and surrounding islands is the bustling market square. The secret to the immense flavours of many local dishes lies here as the market plays host to a variety of spice and herb stalls. It’s worth spending a day or two exploring this market to get the most out of it as it has so much to see. Some of the finest spices the island will be found here, and ready to use in your next culinary experiment.


St. George is home to many of Grenada’s best eateries providing all their local specialities. A trip to Aquarium Beach Restaurant allows you to explore all of the island’s favourites at their best. One recommendation would be to try the pepper pot, a combination of different meats including beef and oxtail cooked with several sensational kinds of spices which is sure to leave your mouth-watering and wanting to come back for more. Picking up a roti at one of many of the local restaurants found in St. George is also a must on your visit to Grenada. A mixture of curry and potato served within a flat bread skin and your choice of filling such as chicken, beef, or vegetable, makes roti a favourite amongst the locals and tourists alike.


Your leading gastronomy break in the Caribbean is further enhanced with a tour of West India Spices Inc. Situated deep in the spice-growing heart of Grenada in St. Andrew is the Caribbean’s largest spice processing and distillery plant. A tour gives you the opportunity to see how the spices go straight from the garden into the products which make their dishes so flavoursome. It offers a unique chance to learn the history of Grenada’s spice cultivation, and the benefits of the products you come to love.


With so much choice to indulge our taste buds we cannot forget that the island is more than just a special gourmet holiday in the Caribbean. Grenada offers delicious cuisines but also a trip to Grand Anse Beach is a must when planning a luxury outdoors holiday in Grenada. Lying on a beautiful white sandy beach fronted by clear blue water and a stunning landscape is the perfect way to unwind after exploring the islands gastronomy.


Or if you’re feeling more adventurous, then a visit to ScubaTech Grenada may be ideal. A dive centre based in the waters of Prickly Bay on the southern coast gives you the chance to explore some of the fascinating sea creatures the island has to offer. The centre also presents various other activities including sunset cruises and motorised and non-motorised water sports, that is assuming you have waited at least 30 minutes after eating of course.


A special romantic break in Grenada also awaits you due to some breathtaking waterfalls and gardens. The beautiful Seven Sisters Falls in Grand Etang is one of the most serene areas on the island where a waterfall rushes down the mountainside as it entices you to have a peaceful swim. A trip to the Jessamine Eden Botanic Garden in St. Georges will also provide to with the perfect environment for romance as you cannot help but be captivated by the resplendence of flowers and plants.


While enjoying your stay in Grenada be sure to stay at the Maca Bana.  Located on a peaceful hillside in St. George is this fantastic resort overlooking a stunning view of the island. With a host of facilities including sun decks, hot tubs, infinity pool, and world class restaurant, Maca Bana is will complete your stay on a boutique gastronomy getaway in the Caribbean.

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