A Luxury Weekend Getaway in Rome

by Beth Slynes
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The ancient city of Rome is full of wonderful monuments, ruins and churches. It is impossible to turn the corner without finding another breathtaking piece of architecture. With so many famous sights it seems impossible to see so many wonderful creations in just three days.

Although Rome is a relatively large city, roughly the same size as the city of London, its small bustling streets and large monuments make the city seem smaller. The streets of Rome are lined with numerous restaurants and cafés each one luring customers in with its enticing smells, quaint style and friendly staff. The little travelling needed leaves the rest of the day for the various sites without the need to rush on letting you enjoy your luxury weekend getaway in Rome.

The main monuments in Rome are easily found as each one has signs pointing in the direction of the next must-see sight. From the Spanish steps it takes less than ten minutes to walk to the Trevi Fountain, two famous sights that are a must-see at night. With spot lights glistening on the fountains water and crowds of people waiting to throw in a coin, the atmosphere is one which cannot be found anywhere else. Throngs of people from all over the world come to marvel at the spectacular structure that is the fountain, a mix of different cultures all experiencing the luxurious beauty in the heart of Italy. With a mixture of cafés and boutiques lining the streets leading to the fountain it is a wonderful place for a couple to experience on a luxury getaway to Italy.

Not far from the fountain is the Spanish Steps. The stone steps are often lined with flowers which lead to a small fountain at the bottom offering the perfect place to finish of a night. Large numbers of people gather on the steps in the evening to enjoy a glass of wine and watch the hustle and bustle of the streets below. Small corner shops offer a vast array of Italian wines and are more than happy to uncork the bottle, enabling their customers to enjoy a glass of Italian wine on a romantic summer’s evening. Opposite the steps are a large number of restaurants all very different in style and atmosphere.

Lining the streets leading up to the steps are various shops offering some of the most famous designer names known over the world.

Hotel Boscolo Exedra Roma is in the heart of the city, a 5* luxury hotel that offers an array of services and beautiful views of the city. Built in a restored late 19th century building between the Baths of Diocletian and Michelangelo’s Basilica of Santa Maria Degli Angeli, it is within walking distance from many popular tourist sites making it the perfect place for a luxury weekend getaway.

Monuments such as the Colosseum and the Vatican City help Rome to live up to its cultural expectations. The Colosseum is truly breathtaking, not only because of its size but also the history behind it. Guided tours and audio guides are available to give a behind-the-scenes look at what the ruins where used for. The Vatican Museum also offers audio guides for information on the statues and artwork shown in the museum. The most famous sight in the Vatican City is the Sistine Chapel. With its entrance only available at the end of the museum, the rooms leading up to the Chapel are painted with glorious images from the floor to the ceiling. But these are nothing compared with the chapel, the size of the ceiling and height of the walls make the paintings appear so much more spectacular. The audio guide gives further information on how the paintings came to be, how long it took and the meaning behind each individual scene.

With many of the attractions so close to each other it isn’t necessary to create an itinerary for each day. The Vatican City holds a number of must-see monuments and artwork within its walls that it would need a whole day to observe. The sights outside are all within walking distance so it is easy to find your way from one to another within ten minutes. Often you will also stumble upon a less famous monument which is always a nice surprise.

Rome is a popular holiday destination thanks to its beautiful weather and historical sights. Whether as a cultural getaway or a romantic holiday, the atmosphere and various attractions make Rome the perfect luxury weekend getaway for anyone.

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