Luxury holidays for less – beat the recession…

by Lorraine Buxton

With the current financial situation looming over us all like a big black cloud, you would expect travellers to be reluctant to spend money on leisure holidays. However, quite the opposite is happening and there has been a surge in holiday bookings throughout 2008 – with around 11 million British people expected to leave the country over the Christmas period.

Why are people still travelling?

There are several theories as to why people are booking holidays in such a tender financial climate. Firstly, people are treating their breaks away as necessity as opposed to luxury – taking a holiday becomes a way of escaping the stresses of work and therefore becomes a priority.
Secondly, travel companies are offering greater incentives, including free child places, fantastic rates and amazing offers, and travellers are making the most of these excellent deals.

How to experience a guilt-free luxury break

A luxury vacation doesn’t have to break the bank - you just need to be clever with your choices and research the best options.

Check the best flight options using a price comparison website such as If you can save money on your flight, then you will have extra cash to spend on a luxurious hotel – remember, you’re going to be spending significantly more time in the hotel than on the plane!

Look our for cheap rates and offers – you might also be able to get more for your money by travelling a few weeks after or before your original planned date, so be prepared to be flexible.

Exchange rates

We also need to remember that exchange rates are changing quite radically at the moment – the dollar is becoming stronger than the pound and the Icelandic Kronur has weakened significantly – which means Iceland is currently a very popular destination to visit.

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