Top 10 sexiest spots on earth…

by Rebecca Lori
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Sometimes there comes a time in your life when you crave some excitement. What better way to have an exciting experience than to travel somewhere breathtakingly beautiful?

Boring holidays are a thing of the past. Forget about dreary resorts and rainy cities and concentrate on sexy, sizzling destinations – places where romance and love thrive.

Whether it’s a romantic getaway, special honeymoon or just a trip with close friends, we have picked what we think are the most desirable destinations in the world.


This pretty Greek island is famous for its breathtaking views, stunning sunsets and unusual beaches (there’s a black pebble beach, red beach, and white beach which is only accessible from the sea). The white-washed traditional Cycladic buildings and blue-domed churches give Santorini its unique character which has long been popular with the fashionable set.


It wouldn’t be possible to write an article about the sexiest spots on earth without mentioning Paris, which everyone recognises as one of the most romantic cities in the world. This city of love is also one of the sexiest spots to visit, thanks to its chic designer boutiques, dramatic gourmet restaurants, grand buildings and impressive galleries.


Located in Thailand approximately 800km from Bangkok is this stunning destination which is popular with honeymooners. The palm-fringed sandy beaches in Krabi are white and soft underfoot and the water is crystal clear, making it ideal for snorkelling.

With a backdrop of lush green mountains and secret caves to discover, this destination is made for exploring.

Bora Bora

Travel 150 miles north-west of Tahiti and you will discover Bora Bora, an idyllic destination with endless white sand beaches, clear turquoise waters, secluded lagoons and beautiful green mountains.

The island is dominated by two large black peaks, and is renowned for ample watersport opportunities – snorkelling and scuba-diving amongst the favourites. This is the perfect place for hot romantic getaway.

Rio de Janeiro

Attracts many visitors each year, hoping to experience a slice of Brazilian life. Carnival is the most popular time to visit, bringing in masses of tourists, ready to party the night away in the hot, humid streets. This is by far one of the sexiest places in the world to visit – even the hip-shaking music oozes sensuality.


There’s nothing more intimate than staying on a private island, surrounded by calm blue water, soft white sand beaches and lush green foliage. The Maldives is one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations and it’s easy to see why. Spending time in such a tranquil and beautiful destination helps you forget your former busy life and focus your attention on one another.

Visit Dhoni Mighili or Rangali Island to experience luxury at its very best. With personal butlers on-hand and traditional style accommodation on stilts in the ocean, a stay at either one of these resorts is guaranteed to leave you with unforgettable memories.

Punta Cana

Many would argue that Punta Cana features some of the best beaches in the world, with soft sand, calm blue waters, and gentle swaying palm trees. If you don’t want to spend your time just lazing on the beach, then there is a range of watersports available, such as snorkeling, jet-skiing, scuba diving and sailing.

During the day, enjoy the thrill of a jeep safari through the Dominican countryside and when the sun goes down sample the delicious local cuisine before dancing the night away under the stars.


This is the third largest island of Hawaii and has famously been used as the prime location for countless films and TV programmes, including Lost and Jurassic Park. This is due to the island’s dramatic landscapes: green mountains, pristine beaches, steamy jungles, urban cities, lush valleys and breathtaking cliffs.

The exotic location with its outstanding natural beauty will provide visitors with a unique holiday experience where anything is possible.


This group of 99 unspoilt islands are located approximately 30km from the mainland coast of north-western Malaysia. Shrouded in mystery and legend, these beautiful islands offer plenty to experience and explore.

The perfect romantic destination – visualise long white beaches set against a background of lush vegetation, unusual limestone rock formations, sparkling azure waters, secret caves and breathtaking waterfalls. It really doesn’t get better than this.


This unique ‘city of water’ simply has to be experienced first-hand to appreciate its true beauty. Take a romantic gondola tour of the narrow, winding canals, taking note of the impressive bridges and unusual architectural delights. There’s an abundance of attractive piazzas, palaces and churches to go and see – this city thrives on beauty and artistic expression.

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