How to travel the eco way

by Jill Dixon
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It goes without saying that days away from the routine of ‘nine-to-five’ are precious. Each is a unit of possible perfection, a blank canvas that you alone can choose what mark you will make on it. With many factors including environmental concerns influencing the way we spend our money, the choices we make need to be just that much more informed. Being green doesn't have to be difficult. This applies to travel just as it does to other facets of your life; it just requires minor adjustments in your thinking, to ensure that you make a minimal negative impact on the environment.

Think before you fly...

Try to remember that flying, though it may appear to be faster, isn’t always better. If you are planning a journey that involves multiple stops, see if you can avoid flying and investigate other options such as trains, coaches and even boats. There are often several ways to get from point A to point B. Part of the enjoyment can be in the journey.

Consider this: using public transport is often less expensive and once you tally all the time you might spend travelling to an airport, checking in, going through security, waiting to depart, and hiking from the gate to the baggage claim, you may find another mode of transport that takes nearly the same period of time, if not a bit faster. You won’t be restricted on the size of toiletries you can carry and no one will ask you to take off your belt or your shoes before boarding a train.

Buy local...

Once you’ve reached your destination, seemingly small decisions can make an impact. Choose local food and drink whenever possible. Although the impact of you and your companion consuming imported food products seems minimal, imagine the effect of thousands of tourists coming to Venice and drinking American beer. Also, make sure you always carry a canvas bag for shopping. The humble carrier bag is banned in India so make sure you’re prepared if you plan to travel across that part of the world.





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