An alternative tour guide to Budapest

by Laurene Mondet
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Budapest is one of those cities where one visit is enough as it has plenty to keep visitors coming back. Below is a selection of the more unusual ways to experience the city on your special weekend holiday in Hungary.

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Szemlohegyi Cave

The Szemlohegyi Cave is neither the longest, nor the widest cave in Budapest but it is one of the most beautiful. The cave boasts mineral formations on its walls that glitter like jewels. In recognition of its beauty, the venue is often referred to as “the underground flower garden” of Budapest. The cave is also maintained at a steady temperature and humidity, said to be helpful in the treatment of respiratory problems.

Dinner in the sky

For an unusual dining experience, enjoy Dinner in the sky, a unique restaurant concept in the centre of Budapest where you have dinner at a table suspended 50 metres in the air. The table accommodates 22 guests and is hosted by a chef, waiter and entertainer for two hours. It offers diners one of the best views over the city on their special gastronomy escape in Hungary. This magnificent event is held near the Vajdahunyad Castle where the unique historical surroundings and special atmosphere will make the experience unforgettable.

Invisible exhibition

This unusual exhibition gives you a one hour insight into the life of a blind person. Every 15 minutes the lights are turned out and visitors are escorted by a blind guide and shown how to do everyday things as if they were blind. Rely on your senses to find your way in total darkness by using only touch, sounds and smell. Before and after the exhibition, check out household gadget for blind people and get to know the braille system. There are also extra programs like massages and invisible dinners to try on your luxury city break in Budapest.

Children’s railway

Described as “the greatest child toy of the world”, the children’s railway is a cogwheel train that runs into the hills. It is almost entirely operated by children aged 10 to 14, apart from the driver! They operate the switches and signals, print tickets and keep passengers informed but are continuously supervised by adult railway employees. Enjoy an unusual trip on this train to experience the best family getaway in Budapest.

Flying high above Budapest

Why not experience Budapest’s wonders from the air? Book a helicopter tour with Helipest, offering 20 to 60 minute tours, to discover all the famous landmarks from a different angle. The company uses the most reliable aircrafts which can accommodate up to three people. All passengers are offered BOSE headsets to cut out noise and leather seats to cater for comfort. If you want to impress a loved one on a leading romantic break in Hungary, this is the perfect option.

Royal Spa

If you love wellness and the spa, Budapest has a unique appeal thanks to its many thermal springs. Visit the Royal Spa, one of the premier pampering facilities in the whole Europe, to experience the best spa break in Hungary. Set in an elegant art deco building is a 15-metre pool, with an extensive menu of 21st century treatments including niagara bathtubs, tropical rain showers, mud and seaweed baths, as well as the range of luxury therapeutic and massage treatments which are absolutely stunning. Relax in this spacious 1,000 square metre facility to make the most of your vacation in Budapest.

Zwack Unicum Heritage Visitors' Centre

Get a taste of Hungary, both literally and figuratively, at the Zwack Unicum Heritage Visitors’ Center. The story of Unicum, the dark brown bittersweet liquor distilled with a secret blend of 40 different herbs, is the bitter one word sweet story of the Zwack family. The museum pays tribute to the 200-year history of Unicum and the Zwack family that concocted it. A trip to the museum begins with a 20 minute film and wraps up in the tasting room where you can taste Unicum and other Zwack products.

Continental Hotel Budapest****Superior

This four star design hotel is located in Budapest's city centre, offering 272 rooms inspired by art deco. The Continental Hotel Budapest****Superior also offers a restaurant, bar and cafe, a boutique spa and fitness centre, located in the roof garden, ideal for late night or post-shopping relaxation. Enjoy a leading outdoor getaway in Budapest in this perfect hotel offering luxury and comfort.

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