An alternative tour guide to Rotterdam

by Andrew Phillips
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If you are getting tired of the typical attractions and activities that tourists tend to participate in on their trip to Rotterdam the city offers a variety of exciting opportunities off the beaten track for a leading city holiday in the Netherlands. Here are 8 unusual and intriguing things to do in this fascinating city.

The Cube Houses (Kubus Woningen)

Rotterdam is home to some of the most bizarrely designed houses you will find anywhere around the world. The cube houses consist of 40 conventional houses rotated to a 45 degree angle giving them the most unique appearance of looking like a cube. Designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom in 1984, they are fascinating constructions to marvel over. The whole entire complex represents a concrete wood within a bustling main city, and its peculiarity will both intrigue and fascinate you.

Blaak Open Market

Breaking away from the conventional tourist itinerary does not get any more apparent than a trip to the Blaak Open Market. Located next to the Blaak railway station in Binnenrotte, every Tuesday and Saturday Dutch citizens flock to this market to make their weekly shopping. The Open Market offers almost everything from fresh produce to antiques, clothes and souvenirs. It is a fantastic opportunity for a special cultural break in Rotterdam, which will leave you with the most pleasant impression about the city and local culture.

Kralingen Lake

If you are looking for peace and tranquillity away from the bustling tourist spots of Rotterdam then this is place to be. Kralingen Lake is the perfect environment for relaxing after a busy day in the city which many of the locals do. The Lake is an artificial construction that surrounds Kralingen Park; however it does not make it any less naturally beautiful. The scenery provides the perfect backdrop for a special romantic getaway in the Netherlands, and the lake itself offers a variety of activities for visitors, some of which include swimming and sailing.

Midget Golfbaan Parkhaven

Have a go at some miniature golf at this beautiful course in the middle of Rotterdam. You are simply able to jump right in without any previous golfing experience and try your hand at 18 holes that are both challenging and fun. Midget Golfbaan Parkhaven also offer a delicious snack, lunch, and dinner menu so be sure to relax and enjoy a full day at this wonderful establishment.

Rotterdam Splash Tours

This simply is a tour like no other and it gets you to view Rotterdam in a way you never would have imagined before. If you have lost interest in the conventional city bus tour Splash Tours is the tour for you. Take a 60 minute trip around Rotterdam seeing some of the most interesting and fascinating sites the city has to offer in an amphibious bus. Your tour on land takes an unexpected twist as the bus submerges itself into the Meuse River. The tour continues throughout the river giving you some spectacular views of the city from a unique perspective.

Euromast Abseiling

The Euromast is a central attraction in Rotterdam but few dare to try scaling the magnificent landmark. The ideal activity for travellers looking for a thrill on their leading city break in Europe, abseiling from the top of this 328ft tower will give you a stunning view of this beautiful city plus a memorable experience to take away from your visit.


Have a tropical holiday experience in the middle of the Netherlands’ second largest city with a visit to Tropicana. This indoor amusement park offers you the chance to enjoy a Caribbean paradise, surrounded by palm trees, sea, and a constant temperature of 30°C. Tropicana is the perfect alternative to the typical tourist experience found site seeing in Rotterdam. The establishment offers a range of activities from bumpy wave rides, hot tubes, and shallow pools making it ideal for the whole family.


Coffee bar, ice cream bar, wine bar, karaoke bar, vodka bar, bingo bar, nightclub and more. It’s safe to say BAR offers something for everyone. The establishment is a temporary pop-up bar with a change of event everyday of the week which is sure to add an element of delightful surprise to your holiday.

Where to Stay?

Whilst enjoying everything Rotterdam has to offer we recommend you stay at the Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Centre. This luxurious 4 star hotel is ideal for a special weekend getaway in the Netherlands, or possibly a longer business break, providing you with a stunning view of the city and a relaxing stay while you explore this beautiful city.

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