A special city break that is good for you!

by Laurene Mondet
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What do you think makes a top travel destination to spend quality time enjoying simple pleasures? For most people, the ingredients include the accommodation, the scenery and the food. But what if you are concerned about eating healthy or getting respite? Our aim is to help you discover a country integrating all these features which are good for you.

Nowadays, people are worried about their health and try to take care of it. Others do not, because they have busy lives and their only moment of pure relaxation is when they are asleep!

But below we have found the best wellness getaway in the Netherlands. Make the most of it!

The accommodation

The perfect accommodation for a wellness trip to the Netherlands is the Hotel Okura, located in Amsterdam. The hotel boasts a unique mixture of eastern and western influences. You won’t find a better place to stay with all the indispensible activities to experience a relaxing moment in the capital.

You can start by enjoying a traditional Japanese sauna and massage to relieve the pressure, followed by a visit in the wonderful beauty salon offering you peace and tranquillity whilst being treated. At the end of the day you will feel completely relaxed and your memories of your stressed life will fade away.

The rooms at the hotel have a remarkable panoramic view of Amsterdam, which is a real treat for the eyes and a pure moment of pleasure. Rest and recharge your batteries in the best spa hotel in the Netherlands.

The scenery

For a relatively small country, the Netherlands has a lot of beautiful sights, all within easy reach of Amsterdam. The charming landscapes of the country will take your breath away, and the millions of bicycles in Holland are another trademark. We all know the health benefits of sports, so hire a bicycle and experience a special nature break in Holland.

But why do you have to hire a bicycle? First of all, the flower fields’ season in Holland is simply unmissable. The bright red, pink and yellow colours are overwhelmingly beautiful and are a must experience. What better way to enjoy the lovely fragrances and seeing this colourful landscape up close than to cycle through it? In addition, a visit to Keukenhof is an unforgettable experience for people of all ages. The historic park has more than 2,700 trees, numerous tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and many other spring bulbs, a glorious visual feast.

Finally the Wadden Islands are not to be missed because they are teeming with life. On all the islands, you will find quiet and open spaces, beaches and dunes, marvellous flora and fauna, open skies and views extending for miles across the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. Good for your body and mind, the top activity there is a mudflat hike! Mud has multiple skin benefit so do not hesitate to walk barefoot for a natural treatment. You will feel very relaxed and joyful after this unusual activity.

The Food

Often times what we eat is unhealthy, especially when we are working. Crisps and a sandwich for lunch because we are always in a rush and something quick for dinner because we are too tired. It is time to enjoy a leading gastronomy getaway in the Netherlands that is good for you.

The Hotel Okura offers imaginative award-winning cuisine and presents an interesting set of Japanese delicacies. According to nutritionists Japanese food and diet can help you live longer and healthier. Even though it is just for your holidays, it is better than nothing! Come and try the best authentic Japanese dishes in a Michelin starred restaurant and enjoy the spectacular views of Amsterdam’s skyline.

Moreover, Amsterdam offers biological options for almost any kind of food which is best known for nurturing body and mind. For example, Rey Martinez, head-chef of Senses Restaurant in Amsterdam, involved in the “slow food” movement which is about preserving and promoting local organic and biological food products. This restaurant provides fine dishes that are perfect to experience a special romantic break in Amsterdam.

With all those recommendations, you should experience the best holiday ever and be fully prepared to return to work in the perfect state of mind. 


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