A luxury and cultural weekend in Vienna

by Laurene Mondet
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Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and the sheer scale of visitors - 11.4 million in 2011 – makes it one of the most popular too. Many famous painters and composers have lived, were born, or died there, including Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn, Mozart and Klimt, to name a few. Thanks to these talented inhabitants, Vienna is often called the "Music Capital of the World". Nowadays the Austrian capital is also known for its cultural attractions, including traditional balls, classical music concerts and much more.

Book your special art break in Austria and discover cultural treasure beyond your wildest dreams.


The traditional Viennese balls are famous around the world. Every year, more than 300 balls are held around the city. It would be a shame not to participate in one of those unforgettable events! The most famous ones are the Viennese Opera ball, the Philharmonic ball and the Blumenball, best known for its spectacular flower arrangements.

For those who are interested in attending a Viennese ball, the first thing you need to do is learn some traditional dance steps. Fortunately studios in Vienna offer drop-in classes for tourists without needing a reservation. Solo travellers without a dance partner can hire one for the evening, so you have no excuse to miss this amazing luxury experience.

Classical music

The State Opera House is the main stage for important classical concerts as well as the Musikverein - where the acoustics is one of the finest in the world - and the Konzerthaus, two great concert halls. If you want to enjoy a classical pleasure with a first-class cast we recommend you take in a concert with the philharmonic orchestra.

150 years of Gustav Klimt

If you are more of an art lover, Vienna celebrates Gustav Klimt from 12th July 2012 to 1st January 2013. In fact he would have celebrated his 150th birthday in 2012 so the Austrian city marks the year by honouring the painter with various exhibitions on his life, work and the Jugendstil movement. Many of Klimt’s works are on permanent show in the Secession, the Burgtheater, the Kunsthistorisches Museum and in the MAK Austrian Museum of Applied Arts. This kind of retrospective does not happen frequently so it is not to be missed.

The Sound of Silence

If you are looking for a spiritual experience you can visit the Europe’s largest Cistercian Monastery, Heiligenkreuz Abbey. This incredible cloister is less than half an hour’s drive from Vienna and you will discover something you might not have seen before. Visitors are welcome to listen and bear witness to a medieval ritual - ancient liturgical prayers sung in the ancient style of Gregorian chants. Full of symbolism and ceremony, this is not to be missed. But be aware that silence is holy there - whispering is not permitted!

Relaxing in the middle of Vienna

You need a break in-between sightseeing, museums and classical concerts? Why not schedule a luxurious beauty break and indulge in a Japanese hot stone massage or a chocolate treatment which pampers you with proteins, antioxidants and minerals from the finest cocoa extract? A luxury spa break in Austria is sure to allow you body and mind to recover.

How to get there?

If you are in Vienna for the weekend, we all know the quickest way to travel is by air! Vienna-Schwechat Airport is located outside the city but an express train reach the city in 16 minutes.

Where to stay?

Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna is a member of Great Hotels of the World’s Premium collection.


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