An alternative tour guide to Berlin

by Laurene Mondet
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Berlin is famous for its monuments, memorials and museums but if you are looking for attractions off the beaten path, we have selected a range of unusual activities to visit for a leading city break in the capital that never sleeps.

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The Currywurst museum

Traditional and unconventional at the same time, currywurst (literally curried sausage) is the culinary emblem of Germany's capital city. A unique interactive exhibition awaits you there! All your senses are stimulated during your visit as the museum offers the opportunity to learn about Currywurst’s scent and flavour. You can also taste traditional curried sausage on a special gastronomy break in Berlin.

Badeschiff: the floating swimming pool

This floating swimming pool located in the middle of the Spree river was created from a huge cargo container to allow citizens to swim in clean waters. There is an amazing ambience during summer, with people bronzing in the sand or cooling off in the water. In winter, a glowing plastic membrane covers up the pool to enjoy a relaxing moment in the sauna or in the separate lounge with bar and sunbeds. The Badeschiff is the perfect spot to experience a luxury city break in Berlin.

Tropical Islands

Come and discover Europe’s largest artificial tropical island for the best family getaway in Germany. Tropical Islands, located only 30 minutes away from Berlin, boasts a large indoor water park, a tropical sea, a beach, a lagoon, a gourmet restaurant, a spa and a wellness centre. If you are looking to escape the grey weather of Berlin, Tropical Islands is guaranteed to make your day better!

Trabi Safari

A Trabi safari is an incomparable experience. Take over the steering wheel of that vehicle of the East and enjoy the sights of Berlin while your guide provides you with information about historical facts and funny things via radio. Catch the goodbye Lenin vibes from behind the wheel of a Trabant car on your luxury romantic escape in Berlin.

Zagreus Projekt

Chef artist gallery-owner Ulrich Krauss invites you in his backyard basement studio for a luxury gastronomy and art break in Germany. Zagreus Projekt is a way of communication between performance art and food world. Every two months, Ulrich Krauss hosts artists and performers to create new food exposures. Rent a chair at the communal table and enjoy everything through your body to participate the art project.

Absinth Depot Berlin

After being illegal in Germany for long, the “green fairy” (as Absinth is also known) is now available at the Absinth Depot. This sweet little shop with its floral wall paper and old Berlin wooden fixtures, stocks dozens of bottles along with the requisite glasses and accoutrements. Meet the expert owner during a tasting session for a special weekend break in the capital.

Underground tours

Experience the best heritage holiday in Berlin from an unconventional perspective! For those interested in taking a peek under Berlin streets, Berliner Unterwelten society will lead you on a fascinating tour of Berlin’s extensive networks of subterranean architecture.

Their main tour takes place around the underground train station Gesundbrunnen, which is a gateway to a myriad of civilian shelters and bunker complexes used during World War II.

Computerspiele Museum

If you are travelling with geeky kids, the Computer Museum will make their day! It is the first and the only European museum for video and computer games. The exhibits aim to document all the aspects of video games, including graphics, hardware, music, storylines and much more since 1951. Experience a leading family break in Germany in the Computer Museum which will blow your mind.

Where to stay?

Hecker's Hotel is ideally located in Berlin's city centre. The hotel's private ambience and outstanding service make this small first-class hotel the perfect place for a boutique city break in Berlin.

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