An alternative tour guide to Barcelona

by Laurene Mondet
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You have already visited all the iconic landmarks and attractions in Barcelona and you are looking for unusual things to do in the capital of Catalonia? In a city as mysterious as Barcelona, there’s plenty to experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Here are 9 unusual activities to do for a leading city break in Spain.

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Hot-air Balloon flight

Leave the hustle and bustle of Barcelona behind and join an early-morning hot-air balloon flight. A hot-air balloon ride is the best way to capture outstanding views of Catalonia from heights of up to 900 meters. This is a very calming activity and for some, the experience of a lifetime. Enjoy a ride in a hot-air balloon over Catalonian landscapes for the best outdoors getaway in Spain.

Traditional Spanish Cooking Classes

Cook&Taste is a wonderful company offering cooking workshops for visitors in Barcelona. You will have the opportunity to learn how to cook authentic Spanish dishes, from paella to tapas, in a beautiful kitchen with the help of a professional chef. You can complete your cooking experience with a visit to one of the best markets in the world: the famous Boqueria. The chef will guide you through the oldest market in the city and lead you to the best stalls to buy the ingredients needed for the session.

Once you have created your culinary masterpiece, enjoy it in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere truly a luxury gastronomy holiday in Catalonia.

Ice Bar

If the scorching sun outside is unbearable, visit the only place in Barcelona which can cool you down much more efficiently than any other air-conditioning system. It is situated right next to the roasting sands of Barceloneta beach and the year-round temperature is between -5 and -10 degrees Celsius. No need to bring your skiwear because you are given Arctic-style silver jackets and a pair of gloves when you arrive! Visit this unusual bar and experience a special city break in Spain.

Get lost in a labyrinth

If you are travelling with kids, this is a great activity. The Parc del Laberint in Horta is Barcelona’s oldest garden, a matchless example of artistic gardening and the best place to lose both yourself and the crowds. As you have guessed by the park’s name the centrepiece is its wonderfully intricate maze, designed in the 18th Century by the architect Domenico Bagutti. There is no doubt that this park is the green jewel of the Horta and Guinardó district to experience the best family getaway in Barcelona.

Mammoth Museum

This museum is a bizarre but brilliant tribute to one of the world's largest creatures. Barcelona’s Mammoth Museum features some unbelievable treasures, including one of the best-preserved proboscidean skeletons on the planet which helps you visualise these giant beasts roaming the earth during the Ice Age. Best of all you are encouraged to touch and hold all of the museum's displays on your special weekend break in Spain.

Museum of Funeral Carriages

El museu de Carrosses Funebres is definitely the oddest and most morbid museum in Barcelona. The sense of adventure in finding it has become a real hit with visitors. In fact you have to report to the city's Municipal Funeral Services from where you will be guided to the basement by a security guard and the exhibition unlocked. There you will discover a stuffy basement filled with old hearses and ceremonial carriages dating from the 18th century, plus a handful of engraved tombstones and shiny automobiles. A visit in the museum of Funeral Carriages is the best way to enjoy a leading heritage break in Barcelona.

Get covered in chocolate

Disappear into a world of total indulgence and pleasure as your body is immersed in one of nature's most sumptuous treats! Having chocolate rubbed all over your body by an expert pair of hands is definitely a wonderful experience, and a chocolate massage for two could be the perfect way to spice up a luxury romantic getaway in Spain! Not only that but chocolate, when rubbed on the skin, is supposed to have a slimming effect on the body, help burn fat, diminish cellulite and have an anti-ageing effect as well.

Unusual beach experience

Barcelona’s residents are not shy as anyone who’s visited the city’s beaches will testify. Half-naked is standard there so if you want to avoid bikini tan lines, head down to Mar Bella beach and experience a leading nature holiday in Barcelona.

Where to stay?

Over your break in the city, we recommend you the Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel. This grand hotel is perfect for luxury city breaks in Barcelona, and houses luxurious accommodation, a multitude of leisure facilities, an executive club and a shopping centre.

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