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by Rebecca Lori
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If you travel a lot for business you may find that one of the most difficult things about constantly leaving the country is that you may lose out on valuable family/partner time. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. If your business trip ends on a Friday, then why not stay an extra few days and get your family or partner to join you? You can be back in the office by Monday morning and you will be refreshed from your mini-break away.

If staying the weekend isn’t feasible, then perhaps get your partner to join you throughout the week? They can explore the local area whilst you attend meetings - then you can enjoy a romantic meal together in the evening when your business is set aside.

Getting your partner to join you can be greatly beneficial – not only will your partner/family get to experience a different culture, but you will all get to spend a little quality time together.

Please do check the hotel and local area for attractions and family-friendly facilities. If the hotel is located near the airport and the local area is small, there might not be enough to keep your family entertained, so make sure you do your research before they commit to the trip.

Also bear in mind that you may have to entertain clients in the evening, so if the trip is going to be 100% business, then it certainly won’t be ideal for your family to join.

Take a look at this selection of corporate & family-friendly hotels:

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