7 Sizzling summer vacation ideas for 2011

by Gizelle Lau
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Looking for some inspiration to choose your next summer break? TripAtlas.com's Gizelle Lau has handpicked seven ideas for the summer of 2011 sure to leave you inspired and booking in no time.

Whether you're looking for a family holiday, romantic break or an unusual escapade we've got you covered with ideas to guarantee an unforgettable time and memories to last.


Witness nature’s power: If you’re looking for great value, visit Iceland, which up until very recently, used to be one of the most expensive destinations in Europe. Its recent financial troubles have significantly lowered prices on airfare, tours, and accommodations. Where beers used to cost 6 EUR as recently as 4-5 years ago, you can now get a pint for about 3.50 EUR.

Don’t miss out on the new (stable) erupting volcano in Fimmvorduhals, South Iceland before it fizzles away, a visit to Iceland’s geothermal pools, or its capital city, Reykjavik.

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Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Discover all about Canada: If the stunning cinematography of Newfoundland & Labrador’s recent commercials weren’t enough to spark your interest, you should get your eyes checked. Polar bears, icebergs, maritime culture, Viking history, and Cupids – the oldest English settlement in Canada celebrating its 400th anniversary – there’s no place more enlightening than Newfoundland & Labrador this summer.

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London, England

Treat yourself with a city break: London is getting set to host the 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games and in host-city fashion, is sprucing up its streets, attractions, not to mention raising its prices. This summer is a great time to visit London before it’s even busier with construction and before prices get even higher in the next two years.

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Rome, Italy

Rediscover Italy and its charms: With all the scandal coming out of Rome and Vatican City, this ancient city is more interesting than ever. With 2009’s Angels & Demons film featuring Tom Hanks, based on the novel by Dan Brown, and August 2010’s upcoming Eat, Pray, Love film featuring Julia Roberts, based on the novel by Elizabeth Gilbert, Rome is gaining tons of exposure in Hollywood – and it’s translating into many movie-watchers’ travel plans.

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Gizelle Lau is a travel-food-wine lover turned writer based in Toronto, Canada, and the Online Editor for TripAtlas.com, the world’s largest online travel resource.

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