Enchanting Istanbul

by Hannah Bland
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Istanbul - Turkey’s largest city -  is a stunning holiday destination and one that isn’t over-populated with tourists. With its skyline studded with beautifully crafted domes and minarets, Istanbul offers a truly great, yet alternative, romantic destination, along with bundles of history patiently waiting to be soaked up.

Due to Istanbul’s geographic location, it has always been a settlement spot from early ages onwards and besides connecting the two continents - Asia and Europe - Istanbul has become the heart of various religious and cultural combinations.

Istanbul offers a great variety of things to do and see, from visiting one of the many striking mosques and churches, to spending a busy day browsing through the bustling bazaars and markets of the vivacious town.

Amongst the many attractions Istanbul has on offer, be sure to visit the popular Istanbul Archaeological Museum, which is overflowing with Hittite works of art and Roman tombs or maybe drop by The Adam Mickiewicz Museum. Commissioned by the rulers of Istanbul, why not go on to spot a glimpse of Istanbul’s most glorious and largest mosque of the city, The Blue Mosque, with its grand Iznik tile interior being its main appeal.

Other popular mosques and churches worth a visit are the Ahi Celebi Mosque and The Hagia Sofia, whose design served as inspiration to many later buildings. If the city’s enthusiastic bursts of culture proves too much for you, head to Baghdad Avenue for a spot of retail therapy, with popular brands such as Zara, Tommy Hilfiger and Louis Vuitton just waithing to be explored.

For an alternative substitute The Grand Bazaar is sure to not disappoint, boasting around 3,000 different shops.  It is the world’s oldest and leading bazaar where the most variable products are exhibited. After a tiring day of shopping and sightseeing in the city, a visit to a traditional Turkish bath is always a great, relaxing way to end your day.

Whether you are visiting Turkey’s largest city to taste the diverse, traditional dishes they have to offer or to simply eat some of your favourite foods whilst abroad, Istanbul has a variety of fine dining available at very affordable prices.
A variety of kebab, meze and drinks such as the native Raki, wine and beer await your attention.

If astounding Istanbul has caught your eye and you’re planning a visit, rising above the skyscrapers, the  Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul embodies the cosmopolitan flair and pace of 21st Century Istanbul. The 249 exclusive guestrooms combine sophistication and functionality, and six floors of executive rooms reflect the prime business location of the hotel. All of these hotels and more can be found here.

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