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Thailand destination guide

The country of Thailand is entirely bordered by Asian countries like Cambodia and Malaysia, which makes it an epicentre for traditional Asian culture. Its capital Bangkok is situated in the south just off the Gulf of Thailand.


This tropical paradise makes it an exceptional holiday destination for thousands of people each year. Visit Isaan in the north for the perfect luxury break to Thailand, with opportunities to trek ruins, or go south for rainforests, beaches and islands in the Gulf or the Andaman Sea.

Ko Samet, the nearest island to Bangkok, has supposed heritages of pirates, and wonderful dining options at present that are perfect for the seafood fanatic.

Make sure to travel by traditional tuk tuk vehicles when you’re out and about in the cities to see Thailand in its most natural way, and visit former capitals to learn about Thai history, and gain insight into the country’s main religion-Buddhism.


Eating out in Thailand can be a big culture shock for some, as there are many unique delicacies available in the Eastern world that visitors may not have tried, or do not want to! But the immense variety on offer will make sure that Thailand can cater to every dietary preference.

  1. Mezzaluna - The Mezzaluna in the State Tower Hotel, Bangkok offers Thailand’s famous Pad Thai noodle dish
  2. Dine in the Dark - Fancy something unusual? Dine in the dark at this famous restaurant
  3. Baan Khanitha - For a more traditional Thai food experience there is the Baan Khanitha in Bangkok
  4. Patara - The Patara entices you in with their variety on the menu- a great way to dive into the Thai experience with both feet

Travelling around Thailand is guaranteed to be the adventure of a lifetime. Its buildings and monuments speak volumes about centuries of past history, and the only way to experience it is to go, see and live it.

  1. Grand Palace - Visit the exquisite Grand Palace in Bangkok city; truly an amazing sight
  2. Siam former capitals - The former capitals of Siam- Ayutthaya and Sukhothai make excellent ventures for people interested in Thai history
  3. Isan - Khmer architecture is found in Isan, with the historical remains of Phimai and Phanom Rung being the most significant
  4. Khao Sok National Park - The Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand is breathtaking, with wildlife, and amazing natural waterfalls to enjoy

For alternative ideas on how to spend some time in Thailand’s cities and regions, here are four things to do on your special city break to Thailand.

  1. Chiang Mai - For treks and a chance to visit hill tribes, go to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand
  2. Tuk Tuk - Travel by tuk tuk, even rent one out to explore Thailand’s cities
  3. Thai massage - Experience a Thai massage in any city, it’s one of the best countries in the world for this renowned treatment
  4. Beaches - If you want to relax and enjoy the weather, head to Pattaya, Phuket or Ko Samui beach

Bangkok, Thailand