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Destination Guide: Romania

Having finally joined the EU in 2007, Romania is going through an exciting time of growth. While its history has seen periods of political instability, it is now becoming a sought-after holiday destination. Offering a stark contrast of bustling metropolises with the scenic countryside, there are endless secrets to discover on a special weekend adventure in Romania.


While the nation’s lively capital, Bucharest, is the centre for culture and arts, the true charm lies in the stunning countryside. The historic region of Transylvania is most famous as the home to Count Dracula, with Bran Castle (more commonly known as ‘Dracula’s Castle’) in Brasov being a major tourist attraction. However the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains, gothic churches and deep forests mean a trip to Romania is more than just a visit to a certain vampire.


Romanian cuisine is a fusion of different cultures, including Greek and Slavic. Here is a selection of restaurants across Romania:

  1. OSHO - Set in the capital, Bucharest, OSHO prides itself in serving the best steaks in the city. The quality of the meat and friendly service are perfect for a special weekend break in Bucharest.
  2. Casa Hirscher - In the tranquil town of Brasov, Casa Hirscher serves exquisite Italian cuisine ideal for evening meals for two. The high class service, candlelight, and live piano create the perfect romantic environment.
  3. Baracca - This restaurant in Cluj-Napoca offers an incomparable experience. An open plan contemporary dining space is created by minimalist interior design, while an extensive cellar means there is fantastic selection of wine.
  4. Casa Bunicui - In one of Romania’s largest cities, Timisoara, Casa Bunici offers an authentic Romanian menu in warm friendly surroundings. A particular highlight is the outdoor terrace that offers a fantastic place to enjoy al fresco dining during a boutique city getaway in Romania.

The different regions in Romania means there is always something unique and exciting to experience.

  1. Palace of Parliament - Located in the capital, this is the world’s second largest office building , behind the Pentagon. Built in 1984 the imposing structure is home to both chambers of the Romanian parliament. A 45 minute tour is available to ensure you have the most fulfilling experience of the colossal building.
  2. Black Church - The largest gothic church between Vienna and Istanbul, the Black Church is one of the major attractions in the Brasov region. Highlights include the 4000 year old pipe organ and the original statues dating back to the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.
  3. Bran Castle - A Romanian landmark, Bran castle is better known as ‘Dracula’s Castle’, in reference to Bram Stoker’s creation Dracula. The castle’s menacing towers and gothic architecture will transport you into the novel.

Romania promises to keep any visitor entertained; here are a few highlights:

  1. Sibiu - A handsome romantic city, this destination is well worth a visit. A previous European Capital of Culture, it is a medieval town with a modern outlook. The Old Town is a must-see with newly renovated museums, theatres and palaces.
  2. Carpathian Mountain peaks - The mountain range spreads across central and eastern Europe. The terrain offers great hiking, bike riding and skiing conditions.
  3. Maramuse - This is for any traveller looking to find the ultimate in Romanian medieval tradition. It is thought of by Romanians to be stuck in a time warp, yet the region offers charming medieval architecture, traditional dances and horse drawn carts. <

Bucharest, Romania