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Destination Guide: Portugal

For stunning natural landscapes, ancient cultures and sundrenched beaches enjoy a luxury outdoors holiday in Portugal. From the vibrant centres of Lisbon and Porto, to the picturesque beauty of the island of Madeira, every traveller will be pleased with their holiday choice of Portugal.


A boutique heritage weekend in Porto is perfect for those wanting to explore the city’s bohemian cafes, shops and restaurants. Leading nature adventures in Portugal are the ideal place for hiking across the UNESCO world heritage sites. The beaches have always been central to the country’s appeal, with 5 star golfing resorts in the Algarve being particular popular. However, Portugal has much more to offer with hidden cultural gems and magical scenery to be enjoyed.


Enjoy fantastic cuisine across the entire country:

  1. Assintura in Lisbon - The romantic setting is a perfect place to sample fine local cuisine. The five course tasting menu is a highlight as well as attentive waiting staff.
  2. Dom Carlos Restaurant in Albuferia - For a truly special romantic evening enjoy the best menu in Albuferia at Dom Carlos restaurant. To accompany your meal there is an excellent selection of house wines.
  3. ODE Porto Wine House in Porto - For contemporary Portuguese dining in a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere visit ODE Porto Wine House.
  4. Resturante dos Artistas in Lagos - The pleasant patio area provides an opportunity for fine al-fresco dining. Resturante des Artistas is ideal for either a special event with a group of friends or a romantic meal for two.

The beauty of Portugal’s history means there are countless attractions to enjoy:

  1. Belem - The iconic area of Lisbon is home to the city’s most striking historical monuments. This popular destination has picturesque waterfront vistas and the breathtaking Monastery of the Hieronymites.
  2. Coimbra - Commonly referred to as Portugal's 'Oxford', it is the academic heart of the country. The ancient university campus has beautiful medieval architecture.
  3. National Palace of Pera - Located in the beautiful city of Sintra, the palace sits overlooks the entire region with majestic splendour. A trek up the mountain to witness the grandeur of the palace is a must!
  4. Historic centre of Porto - With historic streets, a magnificent cathedral and quaint shops, the old town of Porto has a lot to offer. As the thriving centre of the Portuguese wine industry there is also a great excuse to try the local produce.

The country offers a stunning backdrop for a broad variety of activities:

  1. Peneda-Gerês – Portugal’s only national park, Peneda-Gerês
  2. Beaches - The Iberian Peninsula has some of the finest beaches in Europe and offers golden sand with consistent sunshine. The southern Algarve coastline is particularly popular among sun seekers.
  3. Golfing - For top 5 star golfing resorts in Portugal, the best locations are Lisbon and the Algarve. Portugal is world renowned for its golfing, so why not tee off looking across the Atlantic atop a dramatic cliff top?
  4. Festivals - Each year the country has numerous festivals, all full of music, dancing and celebration, so it is worth checking the festival calendar before your visit!

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