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Morocco destination guide

Morocco is an exciting amalgamation of different languages, religious practices, modern sensibilities and ancient ways of life-. Even though Morocco is only around 20 miles from Europe, the country seems like it is a world apart. Express ferries from Spain connects a nation that is part Arab, part African.


Morocco’s cities provide travellers and locals with diverse landscapes and are home to many of the nation’s best attractions. Marrakech and Fez are two destinations where you can discover the medieval alleyways of ancient medinas filled with donkeys, traders and the aroma of Africa. Rabat and the iconic Casablanca are contemporary cities with stylish avenues and a French café culture, whereas Agadir is an urbane metropolis whose beaches take centre stage. In Tangier You can witness the exotic and mysteriously port city that attracts droves of travellers.

See the sights of the extravagant sprawl of Marrakesh, a lively and hectic imperial town with a magnetic charm that continues to captivate visitors. The traditional Moroccan homes (Riads) and spontaneous nature of Marrakech makes it perfect for a special romantic getaway in Morocco.

Head over to the core of Morocco find great contrast. Between the wildernesses, rocky peaks of the Atlas Mountains and the terrifying, desolate mystique of the Western Sahara Desert you can be sure to find great adventure in Morocco.


There are a host of fine restaurants to dine in throughout morocco. Here are a few recommended establishments to visit

  1. Pepe Nero (Marrakech) – Italian, Mediterranean, Moroccan and Vegetarian haute cuisine served in a beautiful atmosphere
  2. Cafe Squala (Casablanca) – Enjoy Moroccan influenced delicacies at this restaurant which is situated in the middle of a well restored old fort.
  3. Restaurant d'Orient et d'Ailleurs (Essaouira) – This charming restaurant is located in the heart of the ancient medina and specialises in French and Moroccan cuisines
  4. Barcelona Café (Fes) – This café is an excellent spot to stop pause for some coffee in the Fez Medina. The decoration and atmosphere are wonderful.

There are countless opportunities and ways in which you can discover Morocco’s rich history. Below are five recommended cultural attractions to visit during your stay.

  1. Medina of Essaouira - This UNESCO World Heritage Listed city serves as an example of a late-18th century fortified town
  2. Majorelle Garden (Marrakech) - Meander through the paths of this picturesque garden filled with bamboo, palms and cacti.
  3. Maison de la Photographie (Marrakech) - The Photography Museum holds a private collection of 3500 photographs covering the period between 1870 and 1950.
  4. Medina of Fez (Fes) - Immerse yourself in the magic of this city that was born thousands of years ago.
  5. Museum of Moroccan Judaism (Casablanca) – This museum of history and ethnography uses first-class standards of preservation for its local and international collections.

There will never be a dull moment in Morocco with a wide range of activities that suit everyone’s taste. Here are five recommended things to do.

  1. Equi Evasion (Essaouira) Experience horseback riding through the golden long beaches, dunes and forests of Essaouira
  2. Palmaquad (Essaouira) - Quad biking in Essaouira is the perfect activity for those looking for something fun and unique to do in Morocco
  3. Merzouga Tours (Merzouga) – A fantatic tours that enables you to discover striking lands with a mixture of Kasbahs, souks and rose-filled vale’s.
  4. Mythic Oriental Spa (Marrakech) - A spa with excellent facilities and a wide range of massages on offer at reasonable prices
  5. Nejjarine Museum of Wood Arts and Crafts (Fes) - This museum is a wonderfully restored funduk, complete with beautiful and unique wooden exhibits.

Marrakech, Morocco