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Malaysia destination guide

Malaysia is a nation where Hindu temples and gold-domed Malay mosques jostle for space with bustling markets and towering skyscrapers. Away from the cities, untamed nature awaits for the best outdoors getaway in Asia. Malaysia is like two countries in one: Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo.


The northern half of Peninsular Malaysia is very mountainous and thinly populated. While on the western side of the peninsula, there is a long fertile plain running down the sea, on the east, the mountains descend more steeply and the coast is full of sandy beaches. The peninsula is where people come for bustling cities and colonial history to experience the best heritage holiday in Malaysia.

Malaysian Borneo is covered by dense jungle and is the gateway to a mysterious world of lush rainforests inhabited by isolated indigenous tribes and islands where you can find coral reefs teeming with turtles, sharks and rainbow-coloured tropical fish. In Malaysia a world of wonderous exploration awaits to experience a special nature break in Asia.


Malaysia has one of the best assortments of cuisines in the world. Here are four recommended restaurants offering amazing fine dining.

  1. Kohinoor (Kota Kinabalu) - This best collections of Islamic decorative arts in the world.
  2. Lawan Padi (Pulau Langkawi) - It is a specialty museum which concentrates on the cultivation, research and implementation of various rice paddy techniques from all across the country.
  3. Tua Pek Kong Temple (Sibu) - Tua Pek Kong Temple, a riverside Chinese temple, is an icon of the town with its 7-storey pagoda.

Whatever you are looking for, there are many activities to do in Malaysia. Here are four recommended things to visit.

  1. Pulau Payar Marine Park - Catch a glimpse of the wonders of the deep and sail on a catamaran to West Malaysia's only Marine Park.
  2. Taman Negara National Park - Taman Negara is billed as a wildlife park and this magnificent wilderness area is a haven for endangered species.
  3. Mahua Falls (Tambunan) - Mahua Waterfall is a pristine natural fall that nestled deep in the tropical forest of the Crocker Mountain Range.
  4. Botanic Gardens (Penang) - The beautiful grounds and the tranquillity of the gardens have long been enjoyed and admired by millions of visitors.

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