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Grenada destination guide

Providing a unique experience amongst the Caribbean Islands, Grenada offers a warm welcome and a diversity that will delight all types of visitor. Picturesque beaches, waterfalls, rainforest and some of the best diving spots in the world all combine to create the perfect holiday destination on your luxury nature break in the Caribbean.


Grenada is blessed with pristine beaches which include forty white sand beaches, perfect for every water sport enthusiast. The best known is the two-mile Grand Anse beach with soft white sand and a sheltered bay. Scuba diving throughout Grenada is something very special. With over fifty great drift, reef and wreck dives to discover, your diving experience is sure to meet all your expectations on your special romantic escape in the Caribbean.

With its tropical climate and white sand beaches you would think that Grenada is all about relaxing. But the Caribbean island is a foodie's paradise with a heritage of spices, lobster and rum. The scent of nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon perfumes the air in Grenada, nicknamed the "Spice Island" for its fertile spice plantations. Visit one of the rum distilleries, chocolate factories or spice farms during your next gastronomy getaway in Grenada to get a glimpse of the Island’s true natural essence.


Most Grenadian restaurants put a focus on local produce with a cuisine centred on delicious seafood. Here are four of the best restaurants for you to try.

  1. The Beach House Restaurant - Taste international fare in this elegant family owned restaurant offering breathtaking views of the southwest coast.
  2. Slipway Restaurant - This restaurant offers creative cuisine featuring fresh local ingredients in a unique tropical setting.
  3. Umbrellas Beach Bar - Enjoy delicious cocktails and burgers in this well-situated restaurant which is just a few steps from the sand.
  4. The Aquarium Restaurant - Set amidst tropical gardens with a waterfall in the centre, the Aquarium restaurant is the best place to taste West Indian dishes.

Grenada's natural beauty is complemented by its rich history and vibrant cultural heritage. Here are four recommended attractions not to be missed.

  1. The Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park - This collection of ecological underwater contemporary art is located on the sea bed off Grenada’s west coast, in Molinere Bay and was created by British sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor.
  2. West Indies Cricket Heritage Centre - Enjoy a visit in Grenada’s magnificent cricket stadium followed by a guided tour of the West Indies Cricket Heritage Centre, the world’s only dedicated Caribbean cricket history venue.
  3. Grenada National Museum - The museum displays historical artefacts and exhibits related to Grenada’s history.
  4. Grenada Chocolate Company - Tour of one of the world’s best and award winning chocolate factories nestled in lush cocoa groves.

There are enough attractions in Grenada to keep you busy and wanting to come back for more! Check out our selection of things to do while travelling there.

  1. Jessamine Eden Botanic Garden - This beautiful garden comprises over 60 acres of tropical gardens, organic farms and rainforest trails.
  2. Seven Sisters Falls - It is one of Grenada's most beautiful areas thanks to waterfalls that crush down the mountainside into a large pool perfect for swimming.
  3. ScubaTech Grenada - Scubatech is your best choice for scuba diving to discover the best reef and wreck dives in Grenada.
  4. Belmont Estate - Set in 400 acres of lush rolling hills in the north of Grenada, this 300 year old working plantation offers a museum, beautiful gardens a

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