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Greece destination guide

Greece provides an untold variety of experiences, activities and backdrops to discover. You can unwind in the lively nightclubs of Mykonos, marvel at the ancient splendour of Delos or traverse the rocky hillsides of Crete full of blossoming spring wildflowers.


For those looking for a romantic getaway in Greece then the Santori provides the perfect backdrop for an intimate holiday. Santorini is well-known for its stunning sunsets. The village of Oia on the northern region of the island is an incredibly popular sunset viewing location as there is an uninterrupted view of the sun as it descends beneath the horizon.

If you are looking for a special cultural break in Greece simply head to Athens, which is host to a number of archaeological marvels. One of the highlights being The Acropolis, also referred to as the “Sacred Rock”, is a very significant ancient heritage in Greece.

What also makes Greece a great holiday destination is the Greeks themselves. Their zest for life and unquestioning warmth shown to the visitors can make a visitor's experience in the country truly memorable. No matter what your motivations are you can be sure of a diverse travel experience on your visit to Greece.


There are many eateries in Greece where you will experience fine gastronomy. Here are four recommended restaurants.

  1. 11800 Restaurant (Santorini) – Restaurant in a typical Santorinian captain's house
  2. Zithos (Thessaloniki) – Mediterranean grill and traditional Greek food
  3. Hamodrakas (Thessaloniki) – Enjoy some great meals at the oldest fish tavern in Thessaloniki
  4. Spondi (Athens) – A Mix of creativity, tradition and modernity with classic French cuisine

Ancient Greece is considered by many the cradle of western civilization. Here are our top 5 cultural attractions.

  1. The Acroplis (Athens) – The symbol of the city of Athens and the best place to learn about Ancient Greek culture
  2. Meteora (Thessaly) – Situated in the centre of Greece is one of the largest and most important orthodox complexes
  3. Sanctuary of Athena (Athena) – Beautiful and well-conserved sanctuary where you can find the most important oracle in the Greek history
  4. The Cave of Melissani (Kefalonia) – Magical cave with a blue glow, a lake inside and a beautiful forest surrounding it
  5. Benkaki Musuen (Athens) – Greek art from both the prehistoric and the modern eras

There are a wide range of activities to keep you busy whilst travelling Greece. Here are our 5 recommended things to do.

  1. 1The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus (Epidaurus) – Ancient theatre marvelled for its exceptional acoustics. Every year there is a festival which re-creates ancient Greek classics.
  2. Gorge of Vikos (Zagori) – Beautiful place for walking and discovering the many birds of prey and incredible stone bridges
  3. Fish Spa (Athens) – Enjoy a natural pedicure using Garra Rufa fish.
  4. Dora Stratou Dance Theatre (Greece) – In this theatre hundreds of years are represented through the culture of dance.
  5. Half Note Jazz Club (Athens) – One of the best places to listen to jazz in Greece

Athens, Greece