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Germany destination guide

Germany is one of Europe’s leading country but also one of the most advanced and beautiful countries in the world. Germany is an endlessly engaging destination: a land of high culture, frothy beer, half-timbered villages and dynamic cityscapes. There are many other reasons that may encourage you to experience the best cultural weekend in Germany.


It is a country of remarkable diversity where tourists will encounter a heady mix of untamed nature, fine arts and youthful creativity. There are no fewer than 36 places in Germany on the UNESCO World Heritage list. They range from historical buildings and cathedrals to amazing natural landscapes and even entire towns. Those incredible sites are just waiting to be discovered.

Then, Germany has more than 10 000 cities and each one with its own charm. From big nights out to romantic old quarters, there is something for everyone there. Berlin, for example, is vibrant and it is a grand capital famous for its nightlife. Munich, nestled in the foothills of the German Alps, is the centre of national traditions while Dresden, “Florence of the north”, is a centre of artistic activity. Exploring this country and all its facets can keep visitors happy for weeks.


There are numerous restaurants to taste the best food Germany has to offer. Here are four recommended restaurants that are not to be missed.

  1. Piccolo Mondo (Berlin) – That restaurant is a combination of exquisite food and wine including national and international guests.
  2. Dos Palillos (Berlin) – Stunning traditional Spanish restaurant offering tapas inspired by delicate savours of Asia.
  3. Spindlerklatt (Berlin) – Restaurant and club in Berlin offering hot Asian fusion cuisine in a wonderful atmosphere.
  4. Marjellchen (Berlin) – Charming traditional German restaurant in a simple classical setting, with a cosy and homely feel.

Germany is best known for its wide range of cultural attraction and rich history. Here are the top five cultural attractions to visit while travelling in Germany.

  1. Der Kölner Dom (Köln/Cologne) – Cathedral of Cologne is a catholic church built between 1248 and 1880 and considers as a masterpiece of Gothic architecture.
  2. Natural Sciences Museum (München/Munich) – Magnificent museum with one of the largest science and technology collection in the world.
  3. Castle (Colditz) – Renaissance castle used as a workhouse for the indigent and a mental institution for over 100 years, it gained international fame as a prisoner-of-war camp during World War II.
  4. Museum Island (Berlin) – Five great museums which trace the development of civilizations throughout the ages in Germany.
  5. Neuschwanstein (Hohenschwangau) – Beautiful castle nestled in the Alps. Walt Disney drew inspiration from it for his classic Sleeping Beauty.

There is something for everyone’s taste in Germany. Here are the four recommended activity to experience during your getaway.

  1. The Black Forest – Stunning wooded mountain range in the south-western of Germany bordered by the Rhine valley to the west and south.
  2. Casino (Baden-Baden) – Casino opened in 1838 and reminiscent of the 19th century or a 1970s James Bond film.
  3. Planten un Blomen (Hamburg) – Lovely park in the centre of Hamburg famous for his water-light concerts, public theatres and music performances.
  4. KD Day Cruises – Wonderful cruises in the river Rhine.

Munich, Germany