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Cyprus destination guide

Cyprus is a truly unique holiday destination; it’s situated by the waters of the Mediterranean but also faces in the direction of the shores of Turkey, Lebanon and Syria . It is an ever changing blend of culture and energy.


Cyprian culture is heavily influenced by Western Europe, but its geographic closeness to Africa and Asia gives of a more than subtle Eastern vibe. Highly desired by mainland Turkey and Greece, this small Mediterranean island has its own distinct and mesmerizing qualities.

To discover that Cyprus has to offer, other than a bustling city life, visit the modest villages of the Akamas Peninsula and the golden beaches of the Karpas Peninsula. An intimate trip through the sea of wildflowers enveloping the island in spring will provide an idyllic setting for a romantic getaway in Cyprus.

If it is a special outdoor getaway you seek then you traverse the Troödos Mountains. In this area there are plenty of monasteries, churches and breathtaking panorama to enjoy. Alternatively you may want to explore the historically rich town of Kyrenia, famed for its harbour and castle’s as part of your leading heritage holiday in Cyprus. Whatever your motivations you can be sure to experience a wonderful getaway in the Mediterranean.


There are various bistros where you will taste fine Cyprian and international gastronomy. Here are five recommended restaurants in Cyprus.

  1. Bagatelle Gardens (Nicosia) – Great variety of main dishes including fish meals and a diverse BBQ menu
  2. Limanaki Pissouri (Pissouri) –Traditional Cypriot cuisine in a cosy atmosphere
  3. Zanettos (Nicosia) – Cypriot gastronomy served in a friendly environment
  4. Risto La Piazza (Paphos) – Italian restaurant where people meet for business, pleasure or just to pass the time
  5. The Ambience (Kyrenia) – Beachside establishment which offers a more up-market version of the ubiquitous kebab and a variety of other dishes

There are many historic landmarks where you can discover Cypriot culture and gain insight on the art, architecture and ancient artefacts. Here are 5 recommended cultural attractions to visit.

  1. Kykkos Museum (Nicosia) – The richest and most lavish of the monasteries of Cyprus
  2. Tombs of the Kings (Paphos) – Is the final resting place of a group of aristocrats that lived and died in Paphos
  3. Archangelos Michael Church (Pedoulas) – Features on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites, The frescoes from this little church are characteristic of the post-Byzantine revival style
  4. Othello Tower and Castle (Famagusta) – This fortress walls of the city of Famagusta is commonly referred to as Othello's Castle
  5. Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates (Limassol) – This sanctuary was one of the most important religious centres in Ancient Cyprus.

There are activities to satisfy every desire in Cyprus. Here are four recommended things to do while travelling in Cyprus

  1. Lucky Star Park (Aradippou) – There are a wide variety of rides as well as mini-golf, karts, motorcycles as well as restaurants to dine at
  2. Rialto Theatre (Limassol) – This restored old theatre offers an exceptional variety of events from orchestral performances to dance showcases.
  3. Protaras Aquarium (Protaras) – Home to over 1,000 species of marine life, including sharks, piranhas, stingrays, tortoises, turtles, eels and sea urchins
  4. The Retreat Spa (Paphos) – The Greco-Roman bathing rituals of cleansing and relaxation inspired the design, atmosphere and ambience of The Retreat Spa.

Paphos, Cyprus