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Brazil destination guide

Sprawling across half of South America, Brazil has captivated travellers for centuries. The country offers dazzling sights of a different flavour such as waterfalls, red-rock canyons and crystal-clear rivers. Brazil is one of the most diverse countries with very varied geographical areas such as semi-arid areas, mountains, plains, tropical, subtropical and climates that range from dry to rainy tropical and equatorial climate which enhance the development of different ecosystems, such as the Amazon Rainforest, which has the greatest biological diversity of world for a special outdoor getaway in South America.


If you want to enjoy the kilometres of white-sand beaches, experience the wonders of the Amazon, the wildlife of the Pantanal, the awesome power of Iguaçu falls, the enchanting colonial towns, the colourful traditions and festivals, Brazil is the perfect place for your holidays. Some of the world’s most exciting cities also lie inside of the country’s borders.

For a sporty person, the opportunity for adventure is simply astounding there. Kayaking, rafting, trekking, diving and surfing are just a few ways to spend a sun-drenched afternoon in nearly any region in Brazil. Given the country’s innumerable charms, you have no reason to miss the best nature holiday in Brazil.


Brazilian cuisine varies greatly by region but offers unique delicacies for gourmets. Here are four recommended restaurants to experience the best gastronomy getaway in Brazil.

  1. Brasil a gusto – São Paulo. Located in a quiet street of Sao Paulo, Chef Ana Luiza Trajano offers delicious Brazilian cuisine.
  2. Kinoshita – São Paulo. Elegant and surprising, Kinoshita dives into haute cuisine with lightness and talent.
  3. Olympe – Rio de Janeiro. Sensational food served in an elegant decor with an exceptional service.
  4. Sudbrack – Rio de Janeiro. Gourmet restaurant characterized by a refined cuisine, sometimes based on traditional Brazilian food.

Visitors can visit numerous historical landmarks and museums in Brazil. Here is a list of our top four cultural attractions.

  1. Imperial museum – Petrópolis. Located in the town's historic center, the museum was once Emperor Pedro II's favorite residence.
  2. International museum of naïve art – Rio de Janeiro. The museum houses the largest collection of naive art in the world, with over 6,000 works by national and international artists.
  3. Casa de Hera – Rio de Janeiro. Museu Casa da Hera, one of the top attractions, was once the home of Eufrásia Teixeira Leite, an aristocratic business woman and philanthropist.
  4. Pinacoteca – São Paulo. The Pinacoteca in São Paulo is the place to come for anyone who wants to see Brazilian art.

There is something to keep everyone entertained in Brazil. Here are some recommended activities to do during your holiday:

  1. The Carnival – Rio de Janeiro. World famous carnival and considered the biggest in the world.
  2. “Christ the Redeemer” – Rio de Janeiro. That breathtaking statue soars high above the city, creating a dramatic backdrop to Rio de Janeiro’s spectacular mountainous landscape.
  3. Diving – Fernando de Noronha. Best place for diving thanks to its wonderful marine life.
  4. Copacabana Beach – Rio de Janeiro. One of the most recognizable beaches in the world, famous for its nightclubs, casinos and numerous restaurants.

Aquiraz Riviera, Fortaleza, Brazil