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Belgium destination guide

Known for its assortment of locally brewed beers, its historical contribution as the birthplace of the French fry and for the many chocolate factories and waffle stands that make it famous, Belgium is the European destination for indulgence.


Throughout the country, vibrant towns and cities are packed with art nouveau and medieval architecture including gothic cathedrals, town halls, castle and carillons. It is impossible to see all the wonders that this European country has to offer in just one trip.

From the mixture of old-world and new in places like Brussels and Antwerp, to the romantic city of Bruges, to the medieval canal city of Ghent and the forested hills and plains in between, there is a reason Belgium is called the “essence of Europe”. The country combines everything that makes this part of the world so picturesque and idyllic. Visit Belgium and all its marvellous landmarks on your special heritage getaway in Belgium to experience an unforgettable stay.

If you are a nature lover, head to the countryside and discover dune-filled beaches, dense forests, pristine lakes and underground caves on your luxury nature break in Belgium. No matter what you are looking for, this European country will cater to every traveller’s need.


To experience the best of Belgium, you need to taste its food! Check out our selection of the best restaurants in the country.

  1. Traditional gourmet cuisine and a charming setting are what you can expect at this friendly city centre restaurant.
  2. De Godevaart (Antwerp) - Enjoy a real culinary experience in this fine dining restaurant.
  3. Moeder Lambic (Brussels) – Sample some of the hundreds of brews in this quirky old brown café which is the ultimate beer spot in Brussels.
  4. The House of Eliott (Ghent) – This beautifully decorated restaurant serves the best lobster in town.

Belgium boasts an enchanting collection of historical and cultural delights waiting to be discovered. Here are four Unesco world heritage sites not to be missed.

  1. Notre-Dame Cathedral (Tournai) – Built in the first half of the 12th century, this cathedral is especially distinguished by a romanesque nave of extraordinary dimensions and a wealth of sculpture on its capitals.
  2. Plantin-Moretus Museum (Antwerp) – This museum, dating from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, is home to the world's first industrial printing works.
  3. Historic Centre (Bruges) – Bruges is an outstanding example of a medieval historic settlement which has maintained its historic fabric and where original Gothic constructions form part of the town's identity.
  4. Stoclet House (Brussels) – Designed by the Austrian architect Josef Hoffmann, Stoclet House is one of the most accomplished and homogenous buildings of the Vienna Secession. It also features works by Koloman Moser and Gustav Klimt.

Belgium offers a wide range of exciting activities. We have selection four things to do on your next trip there.

  1. Cantillon Brewery (Brussels) – Discover this family brewery where Lambic, Fari and Kriek have been made since 1900.
  2. Patershol (Ghent) – Pathershol is the oldest and most attractive neighbourhood in Ghent. Walk through the narrow streets and admire the architecture of long gone centuries.
  3. Aquatopia (Antwerp) – This amazing aquarium is the perfect place to spend a luxury family break in Antwerp.
  4. Minnewater Lake (Bruges) – If you are looking for a scenic place to take a romantic daytime or evening stroll, Minnewater Lake offers a perfect setting.

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