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Turin destination guide

Turin is a magical city with an array of magnificent gastronomy, landmarks, and activities, making it a leading city break in Europe for any traveller. Italy’s fourth largest city overflows with culture and beauty – there is not a place in this fabulous city that will prove to disappoint.


Turin boasts a renowned past which has resulted in a variety of historic squares, delightful cafés, and fascinating monuments just waiting to be discovered. A luxury cultural getaway in Italy is closer than you think as Turin offers you some truly remarkable attractions.

However, although Turin is recognised for its architecture, lying east and west of the city centre are idyllic natural sceneries varying from low-lying hills to grand mountainous landscapes. Escape the hustle and bustle of the tourist hotspots and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Turin’s more rural regions.


Delicious gastronomy can be found in every corner of Turin. Here are a few suggestions for your taste buds to enjoy:

  1. Gelateria Ciacci – The best authentic Italian gelato will be found at this delightful establishment. The variety of flavours will leave you spoilt for choice and never disappointed.
  2. Ristorante KIDO-ism – This restaurant offers a wonderful fusion of Italian and Asian gastronomy that combine to form a spectacular culinary experience.
  3. Naturalmente Veg – You do not need to be a vegan to enjoy this fantastic vegetarian restaurant as the dishes it serves are good enough to tantalise anybody’s taste buds.
  4. Bar Stampa – This bar/café is worth a visit during your exploration of Turin as it serves some delicious Italian dishes and fresh desserts.

Turin is home to some of history’s most fascinating cultural marvels. Here are for recommendations:

  1. Santuario Basilica La Consolata – Not only is this a stunning sight to behold from the outside, but the interior of this fantastic church is filled is grand religious emblems and artistry.
  2. San Lorenzo Church – This church was the first home to the historically and religiously fascinating Holy Shroud of Jesus, a truly remarkable establishment.
  3. Piazza San Carlo – Designed in the 17th century, this landmark still stands as one of the most important squares in Turin with a host of spectacular statues and architecture.
  4. Egyptian Museum of Turin – This museum is solely dedicated to Egyptian art and culture with an interesting collection of ancient artefacts including an actual well-preserved mummy.

Turin offers plenty of activities that will keep you entertained throughout your entire holiday. Here are four recommended things to do:

  1. Juventus Stadium – Visit the home of one of the biggest football clubs in Europe and take a tour around their magnificent grounds while delving into their successful history.
  2. Tourinbike – This is your first point of contact if you’re looking for the best way to explore Turin, as this group offers speciality bike tours to all of the leading sights in the city.
  3. Hafa Hammam – A relaxing spa day is waiting for you. Experience a purification of body and spirit with some sensational spa treatments.
  4. Power Tours Segway – If you’re looking for an unconventional tour of Turin then Power Tours Segway is right for you – ecological, fun, and original.

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