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Taormina destination guide

Sicily is the Mediterranean’s largest island and its beauty attracts tourists throughout the year. Vast mountainous landscapes, spectacular volcanoes, and idyllic scenery are just some of the alluring features of the island, and a trip to the resort town of Taormina is ideal if you are looking for a leading outdoor getaway in Sicily.


Throughout the years Taormina has been the inspirational backdrop for such famous writers as D.H. Lawrence and Truman Capote with its natural wonders and medieval architecture. For the best cultural getaway in the Mediterranean why don’t you visit a town which promises to amaze and inspire?

Taormina is a remarkable town with an abundance of splendour around every corner. The local culture, activities and delightful cuisines on offer are truly the ingredients that set you up for a luxury escape in Italy.


If leading gastronomy is what you are looking, for here are four recommendations Taormina has to offer:

  1. L’Incontro – Traditional Sicilian cuisine served with a modern twist which transforms even the simplest meal into sublime gastronomy.
  2. Lido La Pigna – This restaurant provides an excellent selection of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine with an intimate ambience perfect for a romantic dinner.
  3. Trattoria da Nino – This fine establishment specialises in fish, meat, and vegetables with a fabulous wine selection to match.
  4. Etna Pasticceria – A delightful bakery which serves the best cannoli you will find anywhere in Taormina.

Taormina overflows with historical magnificence. Here are four amazing attractions:

  1. Teatro Greco – This ancient theatre is held as Taormina’s most phenomenal monument with breath-taking views of the seacoast and Mount Etna.
  2. Piazza del Duomo Cathedral – A magnificent cathedral constructed in the 13th century with some stunning features including a beautiful ornate fountain.
  3. Circumetnea Railway – A unique way to experience the beauty Sicily has to offer, from its majestic volcanos to its picturesque landscapes.
  4. Palazzo Corvaja – A medieval city dating back from the 10th century, filled wonderful ancient architecture and a rich history.

A holiday in Sicily would not be complete without some memorable activities and Taormina provides you with such opportunities:

  1. Sicily Life Tours – Rather than taking you to all the usual tourist hotspots, this unique tour group gives you an insight into the secrets of Sicily and the local culture.
  2. Mount Etna Volcano Adventure – Simply thrilling tour which allows you to climb to the summit of a spectacular volcano and look inside its smoking craters.
  3. Villa Britannia Cooking Classes – Learn how to prepare your own authentic Sicilian cuisine in this brilliant cooking class sure to leave you with skills you’ll treasure for a lifetime.
  4. Divesicily – A diving and water sports centre that gives you the opportunity to take advantage of Taormina’s crystal clear ocean and delve into its wonderful sea life.

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