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Destination Guide: Pattaya

Pattaya, along the east coast of Thailand, has proven to be one of the country’s most popular and thriving locations. Previously only known for its nightlife, in recent years the beach resort has become a must-see destination for all. The development of 5 star hotels and sophisticated restaurants has made Pattaya a luxury romantic resort.


The new facilities compliment the beaches of Pattaya beautifully. Water based activities are essential, whether you are a thrill seeker on a jet ski or taking a leisurely cruise to one of the nearby picturesque beaches. The lively city is known for its entertainment and hospitality, ensuring that you will not leave disappointed. The resorts broad appeal means the beaches can be filled with the party loving traveller to newlyweds experiencing a special honeymoon getaway in the heart of Thailand.


In recent years Pattaya has become a 5 star spa resort along with the development of stylish restaurants and wine bars. Here is a selection of possible dining experiences that provide the best in Pattaya hospitality

  1. Mantra - This contemporary restaurant and wine bar provides an excellent service and wine cellar. Being a steakhouse means it doesn’t serve traditional Thai food, yet the sleek menu means it is well worth the visit.
  2. Moom Aroi - The restaurant is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in the city, reflected by the vast two-storey dining area. The authentic Thai cuisine is a must try during your stay, so be sure to reserve in advance.
  3. Natans - In warm comfortable surroundings, experience the French Thai infusion of Natan. The selection of food, especially the tapas, has won the restaurant a legion of fans making it a must see for any food lover.
  4. Au Bon Coin - Serving classic French cuisine, the rustic decor creates a warm friendly atmosphere thus making an all round pleasant dining experience.

As a popular beach resort, Pattaya may not be most well known for its cultural history. However there are still places around the city that will interest an inquisitive tourist.

  1. The Sanctuary of Truth - A huge wooden structure, the Sanctuary of Truth, is covered in wooden carvings and sculptures. The building was constructed according to ancient Thai ingenuity and was built to make a statement on the balance of cultures in Thailand.
  2. Floating Market - The Pattaya Floating Market provides an authentic Thai experience, demonstrating traditions as well as niche products perfect to remember your trip.

A trip to Pattaya is an opportunity to experience some of the best outdoor adventures in Thailand, as the city provides a wealth of exciting activities. Here is a selection of the best in Pattaya:

  1. Island hoping and Beaches - Pattaya’s main beach is a hub of water sports and bars, so why not try some paragliding? While a visit to a nearby trio of islands; Ko Lam, Ko Krok and Ko Sak is a popular excursion for many tourists.
  2. Elephants - The Pattaya Elephant Village is a not for profit sanctuary dedicated to saving former working elephants. Catch the daily show and be sure to book a place on one of the popular elephant treks.
  3. Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens - For a chance to see a truly beautiful example of nature, take a trip to the Nong Nooch tropical gardens. The 500 acre Tropical Gardens and elephant park offer spectacular views and immaculate gardens.
  4. Golf - Pattaya is one of the best golfing resorts in Thailand as the courses are known worldwide due to the many international class greens, such as the Burapha Golf Club.

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