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Paphos destination guide

Paphos is said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and you can understand why when you set eyes upon the striking rocky landscapes, clear waters and pristine beaches. The sunny Mediterranean climate compounded with numerous archaeological sites, great restaurants and leisure activities make Paphos the perfect destination for a special weekend break in Cyprus


It is a great honeymoon destination, offering ample amounts of romantic activities for couples to engage in. Spend the day together at one of the numerous beaches, where couples can relax together, snorkel together in reefs or try out some fun water sports.

For those seeking adventure you have to opportunity spend your days mountaineering, rock climbing or boating in Paphos. The three golf clubs can provide a great leisure experience during your stay.

Paphos has a rich history and proves several historic landmarks for travellers to discover. From the mysterious, underground catacombs to the stunning Paphos mosaics, there’s plenty to explore.

Whether you are looking for fast food or gourmet meals there are plenty of restaurants and food establishments that will cater to your needs. Both traditional and international gastronomy can be enjoyed in the numerous eateries in Paphos.


There is a wide variety of dining establishments that serve up the best in local and international cuisine. Here are five recommended restaurants in Cyprus.

  1. Doria Restaurant - Great place with local cuisine and wonderful food in Paphos
  2. Metaxas Restaurant - Italian restaurant with fresh fish and special steaks
  3. Sienna Restaurant - International and local cuisine with its spectacular location near to the sea
  4. Oliveto Restaurant - Innovative stone grill restaurant that uses volcanic stone to cook the diners meat. Meals are fast, entertaining, healthy and delectable.
  5. The Lodge - Excellent African cuisine cooked in barbeque style.

The Romans, Greeks and Byzantine empires all left their imprint and influence on are traces of these ancient eras are still present. Here are 5 cultural attractions that will help you discover Paphos’ history.

  1. Panagia Chrysopolitissa - Church built in 13th century over the ruins of a Bizantine Basilica
  2. Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery - Monastery established in 1152 dedicated to "Our Lady of the Golden Pomegranate".
  3. Tombs of the kings - Underground tombs carved out of solid rocks which have been the burial sites of aristocrats to the 3rd century
  4. Agia Moni Monastery - Built in a beautiful location, this landmark is one of the most ancient monasteries in Cyprus
  5. Aphrodite’s Rock - A rock off the shore considered to be the birthplace of Aphrodite

There is always something to do during your spare time in Paphos, regardless of your tastes. Here are four things to do.

  1. Pafos Birdpark - Bird and Animal park where you can find all kinds of exotic creatures.
  2. Adonis Baths - Swim in the baths and admire the beauty of the waterfalls and gardens in the area
  3. Paphos Beach - One of the best beaches in the region
  4. Coral bay divers - Diving in Coral bay is a great way to discover what lies beneath the shore

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