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Negombo destination guide

Negombo, located on the western coast of Sri Lanka, is a famous destination boasting lovely golden sandy beaches, a recently restored old quarter and an amazing old world fishing village atmosphere. With its charming beauty, beaches, palm trees and blue sea, Negombo draws tourist from all over the world. Visit this enchanting city on your next luxury nature break in Sri Lanka to enjoy a memorable experience.


In the past, Negombo has been ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. With amazing remnants of the colonial period, the town maintains a quaint atmosphere where you can admire beautiful canals constructed by the Dutch and plenty of churches mostly built by the Portuguese. Thanks to its great architecture, Negombo is the perfect place to experience the best heritage getaway in Sri Lanka.

You can also relax under swaying palms, breath the fragrance of exotic flowers, enjoy a cocktail as the sun goes down, sample delicious Sri Lankan cuisine, enjoy the vibrant nightlife or experience your favourite water sport on your special outdoors escape in Negombo. For those looking for a glimpse of the real Sri Lanka, this city and its old world charm is a true paradise for all types of travellers.


Taste one of the many restaurants scattered around the town for the best authentic regional cuisine. Here are four great restaurants not to be missed.

  1. Lords Restaurant - Experience a true dining experience in that modern and comfortable restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Thai and Sri Lankan cuisine.
  2. Rodeo Pub - Enjoy delicious food made with the highest quality local ingredients to experience a great culinary experience.
  3. Serendib Restaurant - It offers a selection of fresh seafood, Thai and Sri Lankan dishes all prepared to a very high standard by qualified chefs.
  4. Black Coral Restaurant - With an extensive menu featuring haute cuisine and a truly supreme selection of fine wines, dinner at the Black Coral is the ultimate preference for a truly memorable evening.

The country's rich cultural heritage is largely due to its diversity. Here are four attractions that will blow you away.

  1. Dutch Fort - Close to the seafront near the lagoon are the ruins of the old Dutch fort. As the fort grounds are now occupied by the town’s prison, the only way you’ll get a peek inside is by stealing something!
  2. St Mary’s Church - The fading pink chamber of St Mary’s Church, in the town centre, has stunning religious ceiling paintings covering the nave.
  3. Dutch Canal - The canal was at one time an important link in the transportation route which supplied the Dutch colonial administration. It is one of the more interesting ways to see the town and the surrounding area.
  4. Angurukaramulla Temple - Negombo's largest Buddhist temple boasts a giant Buddha image and a number of ancient paintings and murals.

Negombo has a remarkable range of activities catering to every traveller needs. Check out our amazing selection of things to do during your stay in Sri Lanka.

  1. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage - This orphanage is one of the most popular attractions in the country where you can enjoy watching baby elephants playing and bathing in the river.
  2. Fish Market - Held every day of the week except Sunday, this colourful fish market is a great place to observe the local fishing trade.
  3. Negombo Beaches - Beaches are wide expanses of golden sand, appealing to the sun-seekers and water sports enthusiasts.
  4. Ashtanga Bio-Organic Ayurvedic Therapy - Take some personal time to relax with a truly indulgent day of pampering at Ashtanga Bio-Organic Ayurvedic Therapy offering ancient treatments to rejuvenate your body naturally.

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