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Montreux destination guide

A scenic town situated in the bay of Lake Geneva, Montreux's striking location make it the ideal holiday destination throughout the year. During the summer water sports and excursions happen on the lake and treks beginning at the Rochers-de-Naye can be enjoyed. In winter the coating of snow that envelops this municipality make it an idyllic destination for winter sport aficionados. In addition to this there is also a delightful Christmas market to be discovered.


Montreux is also renowned for being a seventh heaven for music lovers. Not only does it feature a particularly fascinating musical history, being the previous home of Freddie Mercury who is forever immortalised through his statue in Place du Marchébut. Montreux also hosts the prestigious Jazz Music Festival which takes place during June-July and has a variety of acts performing on numerous stages dispersed across the parks of Montreux.

From Geneva to the Valais district, Switzerland has many faces and promotes its medieval mysteries while offering a wide range of incredible landscapes. The Mountain ranges, rain forests, lagoons and glaciers of unparalleled beauty combine perfectly for a special nature getaway in Switzerland. The rare tree species and exotic scents of Lake Geneva provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening under the sun.


There are numerous eateries that offer guests a range of traditional delicacies and international gourmet. Here is our recommendation of the Top 5 restaurants and bars in Montreux.

  1. Atelier Cuisine (Vevey) - A cooking workshop is available where you can learn how to make unbelievable dishes
  2. Confiserie Poyet (Vevey) - Great restaurant that serves continental cuisine with very fresh dishes
  3. Restaurant Sonnenhof - Rustic restaurant that offers a cosy atmosphere and a great local food
  4. La Roseraie (Yvorne) - Traditional dishes made from the best local ingredients in the area

Montreux is renowned for its rich history and passion for music, but there is plenty more on offer. Here are 4 recommended cultural attractions

  1. Chillon Castle (Av de Chillon) - Great castle situated in the Lake Léman where you can visit the halls, three courtyards and some of the best preserved bedrooms.
  2. Salt Mine at Bex (Bex) - Journey across the salt mines of 1684 that have tunnels running as long as 50 km
  3. Museum of Old Montreux (Vaud) - A Collection of coins, branding irons, planes and woodwork tools enable you to discover Montreux’s rich history
  4. Audriorama (Territet) - This museum will give you insight into the history of Television and radio

There are a range of activities to make your visit to Montreux a remarkable one. Here are some recommended activities to participate in during your getaway.

  1. Aquaparc (Le Bouveret) - Big Water Park where you can have a fun and relaxed day with adrenaline, family and well being activities available
  2. Golden Pass Line (Veytaux) - A railway excursion that offers beautiful views of France and walk in the Alps during the day
  3. Casino Barriere Montreux (Veytaux) - The city's casino has everything from slot machines and Blackjack tables to excellent dining facilities
  4. Lavey Spa (Vaud) - Take pleasure in the excellent qualities in Switzerland's warmest thermal waters

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