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Marrakech destination guide

A combination of sumptuous luxury and minimal aesthetics, the historic Moroccan city of Marrakech draws in a multitude of winter sun seekers. If you are looking for a romantic getaway Marrakech offers plenty to suit your desires. Les Bains de Marrakech is a fantastic spa that offers private treatments and excellent dining at the poolside restaurants. Alternatively take a walk with your partner around the renowned Majorelle Garden – the perfect backdrop for a special romantic break in Morocco.


Marrakech is home to many amazing historic landmarks from the ruins of the 16th century El Baid Palace to the untouched Saadian tombs. You can gain a rich cultural experience by visiting world heritage site the Medina of Marrakech.

For those looking to take a more laid back approach during their stay check out the Nikki beach in the heart of the Palmeraie. The sophisticated atmosphere and fine cuisines served here provide an excellent destination for a reprieve from day to day stressors.

With the wide range of restaurants on offer you are almost spoilt for choice. You can eat at Restaurants that are frequented by locals for an authentic dining experience or you can choose to dine at tourist restaurants which offer western varsities.


There are dining establishments in Marrakech where you will experience the best cuisine that the city has to offer. Here are five recommended restaurants.

  1. Gastro Mk - Famous restaurant which offers a lovely fusion of Moroccan and modern French cooking
  2. Dar Najat Kitchen - One of the best establishments in Marrakech to enjoy fresh Moroccan delicacies
  3. Restaurant Pepenero - Excellent Italian and Moroccan restaurant in Marrakech
  4. Riad Monceau Restaurant - A fine establishment where will savour the finest Moroccan cuisine in an elegant ambience
  5. The red House - Wonderful restaurant that combines traditional and modern architectural elements with traditional Moroccan cuisine

The cultural heritage of Marrakech is very rich and provides travellers with much to discover. Here are five recommended cultural attractions to visit during your stay

  1. Koutoubia Mosque - The largest mosque in Marrakech and the city’s landmark.
  2. Ali Ben Youssef Madrasa - 15th century Koran school fron the with great Islamic artwork and finely crafted archictecture
  3. El Bahia Palace - Palace from the 19th century that represents trends and standards of the wealthy who lived there at that time
  4. Maison Tiskiwin - This permanent exhibition illustrates the longstanding cultural links across the desert
  5. Marrakech Ramparts - Beautiful fortress walls in Morocco in a mysterious orange-coloured hue

From wild 4x4 excursions to haggling with market stall owners in busy shopping districts, there is plenty of things to keep you engaged in Marrakech. Here are five recommended things to do.

  1. Les Bains De Marrakech - Relaxing treatments and spas in the gates of the Medina of Marrakech
  2. Marrakech Souk - Commercial centre of Marrakech, famous for their range of arts and crafts in conjunction with aggressive sales tactics
  3. El Sur Tours of Marrakech - An agency that specializes in organizing small group tours and excursions in 4x4’s
  4. Oasiria water park - Morocco's first water park with toboggans, pools and a peaceful rio
  5. American Buggies Adventures - Discover an adventure in the middle of one of the most special,

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