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Destination Guide to Lausanne, Switzerland

Switzerland’s fifth biggest city offers a combination of cosmopolitan excitement and rural adventure. Whether it is a leading outdoor adventure in Lausanne or a luxury weekend getaway, the city offers something for everyone. The medieval history gives the city an old heritage appeal, while leading academic institutions and the International Olympic committee give the city a modern relevance.


The stunning backdrop of the Alps and the view of Lake Leman create a picturesque setting for your 5 star city break in Switzerland. The range of restaurants and bars has created a thriving nightlife and gastronomic delights throughout the city. However there are still heritage charms with gothic medieval architecture that will captivate any visitor. The wide variety of attractions means that multiple visits to Lausanne should certainly be on the cards.


The city offers a vast range of Franco-Swiss cuisine, here are a few highlights:

  1. Pinte Besson - Famous among locals, Pinte Besson is a charming Swiss restaurant known for its good food and service. To enjoy the real Swiss-French culture, be sure to try the fondue!
  2. Holy Cow! Gourmet Burger Bar - Although a more American concept, this gourmet burger bar uses all fresh local produce. The trendy restaurant has a friendly staff to help with your gourmet burger choice.
  3. Cafe de Grancy - The perfect spot for Sunday brunch, Cafe de Grancy offers a delightful terrace area for you to spend a quiet afternoon in a friendly cafe style.
  4. Les Trois Rois - The brassiere style restaurant offers high quality food along with friendly staff. For great wine and flavoursome meat, a visit to Les Trois Rois is a must!

Offering centuries of history, medieval grandeur and modern day institutions:

  1. Olympic Museum - Lausanne is home to the headquarters of the International Olympic committee. The Olympic museum is a highlight of the site as it displays both temporary and permanent exhibits of sporting history.
  2. Cathédrale Notre-Dame - Switzerland’s finest cathedral, La Cathédrale Notre-Dame is a gothic spectacle with exquisite architecture to be marvelled at. The twelfth century structure has a viewing platform, with great views of the city.
  3. Bejart Ballet - Based in Lausanne, the Bejart ballet is a touring Swiss ballet company founded in 1987. Catch a performance for a real cultural delight during your luxury weekend getaway.

The triple threat of the Alps, Leman Lake and bustling city life means you will not be bored:

  1. Swiss Plateau of the Alps - Enjoy one of the best mountain breaks in Switzerland just a stone’s throw away from the main city. The southern slope of the Swiss Plateau is a superb location to enjoy picturesque views during a hike.
  2. Swiss Institute of Technology - One of the top ranking universities in the world, epfl, is on the outskirts of the city. The vast campus means the surrounding area has a high population of students resulting in a fun and lively atmosphere.
  3. Chocolate Making - Switzerland is world famous for its mouth-watering chocolate. However instead of simply buying mountains of chocolate, why not try making your own during one of the day courses at Durig Chocolatier Lausanne?
  4. Water Sports - Overlooking Lake Leman, Lausanne offers fantastic facilities to enjoy a variety of water sports.

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