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Fujairah destination guide

Fujairah, located in the United Arab Emirates, is a popular starting point to explore tourist attractions along the east coast. Fujairah is very different from the desert landscape that makes up the rest of the country. The surrounding area boasts picturesque mountain scenery, pristine sandy beaches and the crystal clear Arabian Sea to experience a leading outdoors getaway in the United Arab Emirates.


Fujairah is full of history and you can learn much about the region’s past while on holiday. The old fort in Fujairah's historic town and the many small wind towers still standing in neighbouring villages are unmissable attractions. Some of the most important archaeological finds in the Arabian Gulf have also been made in the area. A visit to Fujairah on your next leading heritage break in the United Arab Emirates promises to satisfy your cultural appetite.

If you want to experience the best nature escape in the United Arab Emirates, then Fujairah is the perfect place for you. Thanks to the variety of marine life, diving and fishing are very popular activities there. You can also find a great range of water sport facilities and for adrenaline junkies, off road driving through the deserts among ancient boulders and power boat racing are the best options to cater to their needs.


You can find many kinds of food in Fujairah. Here are four delicious restaurants for you to try:

  1. Al Meshwar Restaurant - The Al Meshwar restaurant offers one of the best Middle Eastern breakfast menus in Fujairah.
  2. Sadaf Restaurant - This Persian eatery serves delicious grilled kebabs and tasty Iranian rice.
  3. Breezes Beach Bar and Terrace - Watch the waves of the Indian Ocean gently lap the shore from this beachfront bar while enjoying a choice of mouth-watering dishes.
  4. Sapore - Enjoy the food in this chic Italian restaurant offering a great view across beautiful gardens.

If you want to experience a luxury heritage break in the United Arab Emirates, here is a selection of the best attractions to visit.

  1. Fujairah Museum - For a peek into Fujairah's past, drop by the dusty Fujairah Museum.
  2. Fujairah Fort - Built in 1670, the Fujairah Fort is the oldest in the UAE.
  3. Al Hayl Castle - This famous castle was established more than 250 years ago and was considered as the headquarters for ruling family.
  4. Al Bidyah Mosque - This beautiful Ottoman mosque has a prayer hall with a prayer niche, pulpit, arches and openings.

There are several tourist attractions in Fujairah. Here are four not to be missed.

  1. Divers Down - Enjoy a great experience with this 5-star dive resort located on the beachfront.
  2. Bull Butting - Every Friday, spectators meet in an open field to watch the bulls battle.
  3. Al Boom Diving - Lessons for water-skiing, windsurfing, wakeboarding and a variety of other water sport are available there.
  4. Desert Safari - This is a full day off-road adventure, taking in some of the roughest, most dramatic terrain in the country.

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