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Florence destination guide

Florence is widely considered to the the cradle of the Renaissance era, a period "rebirth" of culture, thinking, art, and music. Florence's churches, palaces and museums are home to some of the best artistic treasures on the planet. The most prominent and significant landmarks in Florence comprise of the the Baptistery, the Bargello museum, the Uffizi art gallery, and the Accademia museum.


The Santa and Santa Croce churches contain some brilliant and authentic artwork and the San Lorenzo library delivers a glorious showcase of Michelangelo's architectural brilliance.

If you grow tired of museums and monuments, simply visit the Boboli Gardens or scale the hill to the church of San Miniato al Monte to experience captivating sights. Florence is also home to some fantastic Italian restaurants. Not only do they provide great Italian gastronomy, various restaurants are positioned in scenic piazzas and other attractive settings.

Florentines are raised in an environment of amazing timeless beauty, so it is not surprising that they develop their appearance, and do it so naturally. Home to the likes of Gucci and Beltrami, Florence has been synonymous with style in both past and present times. Assortments of trendy boutiques are lined up beside the galleries and palaces.


Experience the local and international cuisine that Florence has to offer by eating at one of numerous establishments in the area. Here are 5 recommended restaurants.

  1. La Giostra Restaurant - Great food and excellent assortment of wine served in an eclectic atmosphere
  2. Enoteca Pinchiorri - Restaurant which combines Italian and French cuisine
  3. Il Latini Restaurant - Tuscan restaurant that serves traditionally-flavoured cuisine
  4. Trattoria Ponte Vecchio - Restaurant situated on a typical Florentine building where you can enjoy many classic Florentine dishes and wines.
  5. Ristorante il Pennello - Excellent Tuscan cuisine in the heart of Florence

With so much culture and history to discover you are literally spoilt for choice in Florence. Here are four recommended cultural attractions

  1. Uffizi – Art gallery where you can find the famous statue "Il David"/a>by Michelangelo
  2. San Miniato al Monte - This basilique from Florence is one of the finest Romanesque structures in Tuscany and one of the most beautiful churches in Italy.
  3. Piazza Della Signoria - Centre of the political life in Florence since the 14th century and and also home to some beautiful sculptures and the Palazzo Vecchio.
  4. Pitti Palace - A complex of art museums housing some of the most celebrated treasures in the city

There are plenty of activities in Florence to provide you with a varied leisure experience. Here are four suggestions

  1. Silathai Massage - Relaxing spa in the heart of Florence
  2. St. Marks - You can enjoy classical performances and opera in what was formerly an English church
  3. Florence Walk - The central market was once the main shopping centre in Florence for fresh foods
  4. Fattoria Montagliari – This establishment offers all visitors and its customers the opportunity to visit the property with a gastronomic day and wines tasting tours

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