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Estoril destination guide

Estoril is a destination that will cater to your holiday needs, regardless of what you are seeking. The coastline provides picturesque visions of beauty that combined with a mild climate that last all year long provides an idyllic destination for the best short break in Portugal.


The quaint streets of Cascais and serene sunny Bay provide an ideal backdrop to experience a wonderful romantic getaway with your partner. In the village centre you can find a multitude of traditional shops to find the perfect gift for your significant other.

If you are looking to keep active during your stay at Estoril then you will enjoy the wide array of sports that are on offer. From the adrenaline-inducing activities that include paragliding, mountain-biking and rock climbing to the more traditional sports tennis and horseback riding – Estoril caters to all with activities that will keep you fit and relaxed during your stay.

The Estoril coast’s rich heritage is reflected in its royal, historic past. A trip through the numerous heritage sites will leave you with a sense of what it feels like to live in another time. Uncover the mysteries of the Sintra Mountain, natural heritage of Unesco and marvel at the brilliant Palaces of Pena, Regaleira or Monserrate.


There are many eateries where you will dine on fine international and Portuguese cuisine. Here are five recommended restaurants.

  1. Bar Wall Street - Traditional and international cuisine with buffet lunch and occasional live music
  2. Dom Carlos - Great restaurant with a wide variety of fresh seafood
  3. Restaurant Epescador - Fish tavern between the sea and the fish market with fresh fish and shellfish roasters
  4. Caneira - Traditional portuguese restaurant with a lovely atmosphere
  5. Casa Da Dizima - Enjoy a great meal in a medieval themed restaurant

There are many opportunities to discover the royal history of Estoril. Here are four of the best cultural attractions.

  1. Palace of Sintra - This medieval Royal Palace situated in Sintra fuses Gothic, Moorish and Manueline architecture styles
  2. Cascais citadel fortress - 16th century fortress built to protect the Bay of Cascais in Estoril
  3. Moorish castle - This hilltop castle was constructed in the 8th century and used as Christian forces in the reconquista.
  4. Capuchos Convent - Franciscan convent from the 16th century which was ocuppied by the Capuchos

With leisure activities on offer to suit everyone’s taste, here are five recommended things to do in Estoril.

  1. Estoril Casino - The biggest casino in Europe which offers a full entertainment and a show
  2. Tamariz Beach - Big beach with a lot of facilities and restaurants nearby
  3. Leão Holandês - A classic boat that makes sailing cruises in the coast and the River Tagus
  4. Lisbon Club - Enjoy rounds of golf during your holiday in Estoril
  5. Parque Palmela - Palmera park is one of the most popular green spaces and recreational parks in Estoril.

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