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Chiang Saen destination guide

Chiang Saen is a district located in the northern part of Chiang Rai Province in the north of Thailand. Although it is only small, Chiang Saen is filled with a host of historical and religious ruins that tell a fascinating story, making perfect for a special cultural break in Thailand.


Chiang Saen was founded in the 1300s and its 14th century remains make it an ideal location for travellers with a keen eye for historical magnificence. With temperatures hovering between 20-30°C throughout the year and vast greenery surrounding its landscape, Chiang Saen makes for a calming and serene environment for those who enjoy a relaxing and peaceful holiday.

Just a 1-2 hour bus journey away from Chiang Saen is the much more active city Chiang Mai. Although more tourist central, Chiang Mai also is home to a number of historic sites to fascinate any visitor and the selection of eateries and activities the city provides make it worth a day trip whilst on your visit to Chiang Saen.


Indulge yourself in the best Thai cuisine. Here are four recommended eateries found in Chiang Saen and Chiang Mai.

  1. Sugar Sugar by the river (Chiang Saen) - Situated on the banks of the Mekong River, serving a wide range of Thai and European cuisines with beautiful balcony views overlooking the river.
  2. Jinda’s Kitchen (Chiang Saen) - Serving traditional local Thai dishes for over 50 years with a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.
  3. Ponganes Espresso (Chiang Mai) - A small specialised coffee shop providing distinctive coffee blends in a relaxing environment.
  4. Dash! Restaurant and Bar (Chiang Mai) - Constructed in a traditionally Northern Thai architectural fashion, the establishment offers gourmet Thai and international cuisines and serene garden seating.

Sacred religious and historical monuments and ruins simply cannot be missed in Chiang Saen. Here are four recommended cultural attractions.

  1. Hall of Opium Museum (Chiang Saen) - Delve into a fascinating history of the use of opium throughout the ages in this unique museum.
  2. Wat Chedi Luang (Chiang Mai) - Buddhist temple located in the centre of Chiang Mai with its construction dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries.
  3. Wat Pa Sak (Chiang Saen) - Historical ruins built in the 14th century, situated in its beautiful and peaceful surrounding teak wood forest.
  4. Wat Phra Chao Lang Thong (Chiang Saen) - Temple located within the city walls of Chiang Saen playing host to a magnificent golden Buddha statue inside.

Chiang Saen and Chiang Mai offer a variety of unique activities. Here are four recommended things to do that are a must.

  1. Tham Khao Luang (Chiang Saen) - An interesting cave to visit in Chiang Saen estimated around 1.7km long with passages that lead to fascinating caverns to explore.
  2. Mekong River Slowboat Trip (Chiang Saen) - Sail along the 10th largest river in the world whilst enjoying the breath-taking scenery around the banks.
  3. Siam Rice Thai Cookery School (Chiang Mai) - Learn the skills to cook delicious authentic Thai cuisine at a cookery school that is both unique and fun.
  4. A farm which offers visitors the opportunity to look after and care for an elephant for a day.

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