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Chennai destination guide

Chennai’s ample tropical weather ensures a luxury romantic break in India at almost any time of the year. Chennai has the second largest port in India, and has been a major contributor to the economy for decades.


Take the fact that 40% of all automobile companies have a base in Chennai, and this will tell you how much this city is valued worldwide, and why they call it "the gateway to south India".

The city itself is nearly 350 years old, and relics dating back to 500 BC have been found on recent digs. The city of Chennai lies in the south of India, and has a fully computerised stock exchange, the Madras Stock Exchange, making it an epicentre for business too.

Chennai offers a range of culture and tradition, from Santhome Church to the Chennai Snake Park, as well as finer things in life at Chill Breeze spa for any holiday or business venture.


Dining in Chennai brings you top class service and a phenomenal variety, whether you’re up for trying some traditional Bengali food, or sticking to Italian. Either way, Chennai has it all.

  1. Little Italy - With great passion for food, Little Italy will take you to the heart of what an Italian cuisine should be like.
  2. The Great Kabab Factory - The Great Kabab Factory is a great way to satisfy your food cravings. There are so many to choose from you may have to have 2!
  3. Rainforest restaurant - Rainforest restaurant is India’s first themed restaurant. Experience mist, waterfalls, plants and maybe a few creatures amidst the scenery!
  4. Benjarong - Benjarong, “the lingering taste of Thailand” is famous for its Thai inspired menu – located near Poes garden, Chennai.

Here are some iconic destinations for your perfect cultural break in Chennai.

  1. Santhome Church - Santhome Church is the church of Saint Thomas, who arrived in India in 52 AD. It is the resting place of his tomb, and exudes the spirit of Indian Christianity.
  2. Go Madras 3D - Go Madras 3D celebrates electronic music, dance and visual arts on the stunning beaches of Chennai over 3 days.
  3. Kapaleeswarar temple - You will find the Kapaleeswarar temple in Mylapore, a peiece of Dravidian architecture with parts dating back to 1250 AD.
  4. Chennai Snake Park - The Chennai snake park has many reptiles in its enclosure to interact with.

From the heart of the city, spanning out to the edges, you will find amazing sights and activities to keep you happy. Here are some options:

  1. Dizzee World - Dizzee World - a day of thrills and excitement at this amusement park in Chennai.
  2. Chill Breeze - Chill Breeze salon offers everything for men and women for a complete pampering experience - spa treatments, hair, nails and even a tattoo and jewellery service.
  3. Marina Beach - Marina Beach- the second largest beach in the world! It also houses an aquarium and an ice house, as well as being a popular destination for surfers and fishermen.
  4. Arinjar Anna Zoo - Arinjar Anna zoo was moved to the outskirts of Chennai city for the best environment for the animals. It is known for its part in the Captive Breeding Programme for endangered species.

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