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Barcelona destination guide

Situated on an expanse that protrudes from the ocean to an array of wooded hills, Barcelona is Spain's most cultivated city and one of the Mediterranean's most active harbours. Plenty is on offer so no matter what your motivation are you can enjoy a special city break in Spain.


A traditional stroll around the meandering medieval avenues of the Old Town can provide you with the happy-go-lucky feeling of getting lost in this stunning, ancient labyrinth. Alternatively check out the Magic Fountain of Montjuic for a wonderful audio and visual experience with your partner and make romantic getaway in Barcelona an unforgettable one

The arts culture in Barcelona is epitomized by the open-air sculptures and by the numerous art galleries and cultural centres that showcase the work of contemporary artists. Barcelona offers a wide array of theatres, art-house cinemas, modern art galleries and other cultural hotspots. You’ll find plenty to more than satisfy your desire to explore the culture in the capital of Catalonia.

The Architectural heritage of Barcelona is a significant element of the culture. Even though the Roman buildings in Barcelona are predominantly in ruins; impeccably preserved structures and other constructions that date back to the medieval era create a major attraction for travellers.


There are countless eateries where you will taste fine Mediterranean and international cuisine. Here are 4 recommended restaurants in Barcelona.

  1. Petit Comitè - Traditional Catalan cuisine by renowned chef Fermi Puig
  2. Fonda Gaig - Authentic Catalan food ideal for a long lunch or dinner - served in very relaxed atmosphere
  3. Barcelona Tapas Puerto Vallarta - An excellent variety of Tapas served in a great environment that offers panoramic views
  4. Montiel Restaurante - Premium ingredients served in a creative manner with great attention to detail.

  1. Casa Batlló - This iconic city landmark is home to a assortment of works by some of the most prominent architects.
  2. Cosmo Caixa - This renowned science museum allows you to get hands-on and interact with an array of elements from different scientific disciplines
  3. National Art Museum of Catalonia - Biggest fine art museum in Catalunya, housed in a beautiful building and contains the largest and oldest Roman collection in Europe
  4. Montjuïc Castle - Montjuïc Castle is a 17th century military fortress that is entrenched in European history.

The range if activities available in Barcelona ensure that every spare moment of time will be well occupied. Here are four things to do while out in Barcelona.

  1. The Palau de la Música Catalana - This concert hall is one of the best examples of the Catalan Modernist style and was a big proponent in the Catalan rebirth
  2. Camp Nou - Visit the museum and enjoy a stadium tour of the ground that is home to one of the greatest club football teams in the world, FC Barcelona
  3. Tablao de Carmen - A place where you can enjoy flamenco dance shows in conjunction with great food and drinks
  4. Citadel Park - Park rebuilt for the World Fair in 1888 with the most renowned architects in the city

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