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Bakau destination guide

The Bakau resort is the perfect location for any luxury outdoors getaway in Gambia. Its location encompasses the quieter beach area of Cape Point and the livelier Bakau New Town and Old Town. It is a mixed area of affluent seaside beach homes, bars and restaurants, and is ideally located for any holiday maker’s needs.


The beaches here are made up of exquisite white sand and crystal clear sea - perfect for lazing away the hours after your cultural tours, shopping and sightseeing.

  1. Al'amir Restaurant & Bar A top quality, fine dining Lebanese restaurant in Gambia's Kololi.
  2. Al Basha Restaurant This restaurant serves delicious food from a fine menu in a beautiful area.
  3. Ali Baba Restaurant This is a very popular diner in the heart of the tourist strip. We recommend the fish dishes.
  4. All Italiana Contrary to what the name suggests this restaurant is well known for its special English breakfasts.
  1. Bakau Fish Market Visit the fish market to learn about the culture of the town. The market has been running since the early 1800’s and is open every Monday and Thursday.
  2. Gambia National Museum The Gambia National Museum collects and preserves artefacts which document the material culture of Gambia.
  3. Wassu Stone Circles Near Wassu are several stone circles, believed to be burial sites and about 1200 years old. Wassu’s stone circles are one of the most famous sites in Gambia.
  4. Arch 22 This monument spans the Independence Drive which is the road that leads into the Gambia's capital. The panoramic views from the top floor terrace are superb.
  1. Bakau Craft Market: Here you will find stalls selling a wide range of wood crafts, beads, batiks and other tourist souvenirs.
  2. Bakau Botanical Gardens: A little known fact is that many of the labelled trees and shrubs here are actually indigenous to the country. There is also a nature trail running within the grounds as well as shaded seating.
  3. Independence Stadium The largest stadium in Gambia, built as a gift from the Chinese, is on the edge of Bakau New Town and is a venue for some major music concerts, celebrations and football matches.
  4. Katchically Crocodile Pool The sacred Kachikally Crocodile Pool in Bakau has become a tourist magnet for visitors to The Gambia with its 100 or so resident crocs. Some people even believe that the pool has supernatural healing powers.

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