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Athens destination guide

The captivating capital of Greece is the city where democracy was born and was home to many wise men during the ancient times. The sun is shining over Athens all year round and the climate is one of the best in Europe, with meek winters and sizzling summers.


The cultural discoveries in Athens are endless; from the Acropolis (one of the Seven Wonders of the World) to the countless museums you can be sure to gain great insight into the glorious history of the capital. The central hub of Athens is located in Syntagma Square. It is Where Parliament and most of the Ministries are based.

A stroll through the prominent historic triangle of Psyri, Thission and Plaka illustrates the contrast of different eras. Old mansions are aplenty, some well-preserved and others that have been worn down by time. Luxurious boutique stores and fancy restaurants are juxtaposed with small intimate shops and traditional taverns.

The capital is renowned for its vibrant nightlife and by night Athens totally changes. There is enough variety in entertainment to satisfy all tastes. The various theatres across Athens offer a different brand of entertainment. No matter what your motivations are you can be sure to experience a great holiday in this sprawling modern metropolis.


There are many dining establishments in Athens where you will experience goof gastronomy. Here are four recommended restaurants.

  1. Funky Gourmet – A dining experience filled with excellent and surprising presentations of food, a unique atmosphere and a fantastic menu of food and wine
  2. Avocado – A great vegetarian restaurant in the heart of the city
  3. Acroplois View Restaurant – Situated in Plaka this restaurant offers outstanding views of the Acropolis and a good selection of attractively presented meals
  4. Smile Café Restaurant – This establishment offers great value meals using only the freshest ingredients

Athens provides countless ways to discover its glorious history and rich cultural heritage. Here are five cultural attractions.

  1. The Acropolis Museum – Modern building at the base of the Acropolis housing important ancient Greek statuette’s
  2. Parthenon – The imposing ruins of an ancient Greek edifice, recognized for its distinguished white limestone pillars and perfect proportions.
  3. Acropolis – The most illustrious site in all of Athens, this vast mount is situated in the hub of the city and houses a group of ancient ruins.
  4. Filopappos Hill – This hill is a preferred spot for Athenians on the weekends that travel here to picnic and take in the picturesque views.
  5. Benaki Museum - This museum illustrates the cultural and historical advancement of Greece

There is a large variety of activities to keep you entertained while travelling Athens. Here are our five recommended things to do

  1. Athens Concert Hall – A contemporary live music venue with wonderful acoustics and great interior and exterior design
  2. Fish Spa – At this spa near the Acropolis you can receive pedicures by Garra Rufa fish. Also available are reflexology and massage treatments
  3. Panathenaic Stadium – Experience a piece of Olympic history at this well restored stadium
  4. Hammam Baths – One of the definitive definitive relaxing experiences in Greece is provided through a wonderful full body scrub and soothing massages on warm marbles.

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