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Antalaya destination guide

Antalaya was the world's third most visited city by number of international arrivals in 2011, displacing even New York. This surely places it at the top of the list for the best weekend adventure in Turkey. According to legend, the ancient king of Pergamonordered his men to find "heaven on earth", and after an extensive search they discovered Antalaya.


Despite being a world renowned spot for cultural explorers, Antalaya also has a lot to offer the wellness, romance and outdoors holiday makers. With warm blue sea, golden sand and shimmering sunshine most of the year round it is easy to see why the town was declared heaven on earth!

Whether you’re playing golf, visiting a spa, or investigating a historic landmark, Antalaya is sure to keep you on your toes. There’s so much to do and see that trying to figure out what to do first can be a little tricky, so we’ve made a list of our top destinations:


Signature cuisine in Antalaya includes spicy kebabs and mixed platters. The food here is rich and plentiful, and the aromas will leave your mouth watering.

  1. Vanilla Lounge- Offering warm and relaxed dining, with a modern Italian a-la-carte menu, this restaurant offers the best for a luxury gastronomy holiday in Antalaya.
  2. Seraser - This fine dining restaurant provides guests with luxury food, in a boutique environment.
  3. Zanruri- This beautiful restaurant offers the best in Turkish eatery, with a menu full of succulent kebabs and excellent fish dishes.
  4. Cafe Sur Lounge - This lounge café is set in the heart of the town in an idyllic setting. With a rooftop garden covered in vines, you’ll feel truly at home in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Having had many rulers, under many nationalities, Antalaya is a city full of wonderful cultural attractions from all ages and all rules.

  1. Kaleici - Kaleici is the historical centre of the city. This part of the town is saturated with cultural attractions, from Roman buildings, to 17th century houses.
  2. Hadrian's Gate This site was constructed in the 2nd century by the Romans in honour of the Emperor Hadrian.
  3. Yivli Minare Mosque - Built by the Seljuks and decorated with dark blue and turquoise tiles, this minaret eventually became the symbol of the city.
  4. The Old Clock Tower - There was once a group of 80 towers situated in the hillside, now only one remains. Make sure you visit this historic site and see the views from the top.

From world famous sites to pristine beaches, Antalaya offers so much for any holiday maker.

  1. Upper and Lower Duden Fall - These beautiful waterfalls flow from fresh water into the sea. With stunning views and perfect swimming conditions at the lower falls this is perfect for a romantic break.
  2. Grand Sand - The world’s biggest sand castle competition runs on Lara beach from May to October. Head down to see sand castles as big as real buildings, made using only sand and water!
  3. Antalya Aquarium - Featuring the World’s biggest tunnel aquarium, and even a manmade reef to swim in!
  4. The Caves of Antalaya - This set of five caves offers picturesque views, rock climbing, and attractive scenery

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