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Amsterdam destination guide

Amsterdam is a remarkable metropolis in that it has all the benefits of a major city with its history, culture, entertainment and transport links– with few of the drawbacks. It is small, scenic, fairly quiet, and mainly thanks to the canals, has little traffic.


As you meander through the streets, you will get a feel for the tolerance and the diversity that Amsterdam prides itself on. It’s possible to explore the streets in less than an hour, shifting from the serene canals of the Jordaan to the well-known Red Light District. Not too far away are the repurposed squats have been transformed into bustling clubs and cinemas. The city endeavours to support its growing arts and cultural scene, so there is plenty to discover during your special city break in Netherlands.

The capital is fun for those interested in its legendary coffee shops well as for those who are interested in the history and culture of Amsterdam. You can visit some of the renowned Amsterdam museums that are littered with Golden Age artwork.

Amsterdam is great to visit throughout the entire year with a host of different festivals like the Roots Music Festival and parade adding some extra incentive to visit.


With dining establishments offering cuisines from all corners of the world you can be

  1. Greetje Restaurant - Traditional Dutch cuisine with organic fresh ingredients and a friendly service, situated in one of the most beautiful districts in Amsterdam
  2. Bussia - Wonderful Italian restaurant with a new style of Italian cooking
  3. Gartine - Dutch restaurant with a really pleasant service and delicious meals
  4. Reypenaer Cheese Tasting Rooms - Test and evaluate the flavour, the aroma and the qualities of the Reypenaer cheeses

There are many opportunities to delve into culture of Amsterdam and discover the events that shaped the city. Here are four recommended cultural attractions

  1. Anne Frank Museum – Gain insight into the history of Anne Frank at the house where she went into hiding
  2. Amsterdam Royal Palace - Royal Palace built in the 17th century and situated in the centre of the city
  3. St. Nicolaaskerk - Located in the old district of Amsterdam is the city's major Catholic Church
  4. Begijnhof & Kapel – A group of historic buildings founded in the middle Ages

If there is one thing that Amsterdam doesn’t suffer from, it is a lack of things to do. Here are activities to check out during your holiday.

  1. Concertgebouw - Concert hall in Amsterdam and, well known for its high quality acoustics
  2. Tuschinski - Art deco cinema palace built in 1921 with a spectacular mix of styles
  3. Vondelpark - largest City Park in Amsterdam and a popular place for visitors to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities
  4. Boom Chicago - Great night out in Amsterdam with funny shows which mixes improv, comedy, video and music
  5. The nine Streets - In the heart of Amsterdam's canal district is one of the city's most delightful shopping areas.

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